The Ugly Truth and the Only solution.

The more that I ponder God’s Word, the more acute is my awareness of the potential for vile depravity which lies in human flesh.  The more I know of the dangers of the flesh, the more I long to be shed of this mortal body and this accursed world system.  There are people who are so enamored of darkness, that they have spent their entire lives pursuing it.  When baser appetites are fed, they become baser still.  Like a dog returning to it’s own vomit, they aquire a “taste” for the filth.  The Jerry Sandusky case has all but been forgotten as our attention spans have so shrunken, and our conscious minds are so bombarded with “breaking news” and “catastrophic events” that it is nearly impossible to hold them all in mind without going stark-raving mad.  There has been another case in the news of late, which I have purposely not posted on, until now, and that is the Jimmy Sevile scandal in Britain.  I have not addressed it because there is nothing more diffiult to stomach than the abuse and defilement of innocent children.  The Bible speaks of a cry that arose out of Soddom.  I believe most likely it was the cry of victimized children which propelled God to the limits of His mercy and patience with Soddom and Gomorrah.  Pornography is a horrid epidimic, and it is an established fact that, just as with the serial killer, what starts as a small thrill of “secretly getting away with some evil” eventually it requires something “more evil” to achieve the same thrill, and so the progression from voyeuristic acts, to real-life acts upon opposite sex, then into deviant same-sex interaction, then to children and eventually to bestiality, (which, by the way, was “legalized” in military law along with the overturn of DADT in SB 1867).  If you ever wondered why God so often ordered the Israeli army to destroy even the women, children and flocks and herds, it is because in idol-worship (which is nothing other than Satan-worship) the progression is always the same, and there is nothing new under the sun.  This has been going on for Millennia.

The Sevile case has served to remove any further prospect of remaining in denial or ignorance of just how prevalent and widespread is the epidemic of human sex trafficking.  Why bring up such an unpleasant topic?  Simply put, this is merely a foretaste of the evil which will saturate the entire world once all salt, light, and restraint are removed from the Earth.  Serial rapists and murderers often exhibit a paradoxical fear and loathing of their inner proclivities and urges, the “fault” for which, they project upon their victim, thereby justifying their action in their own twisted minds.  If you find it scary and disturbing to imagine being a young victim of such a predator, (and sadly there are many who will read this who won’t have to imagine) imagine yourself being subject to the very appetites that drive those horrific crimes.  Because taken to it’s extreme, that is precisely what the sin-nature in each of us is capable of, if left to it’s own potential, and particularly when fueled by occult dabbling and pursuit of things of darkness, such as “dark music” and even seeking of the “experiential” aspects of religion, because there are many deceiving spirits out there ready and waiting to accommodate your desire for signs and wonders and “messages”.

Sexuality was designed by God to be a good and beautiful thing, in it’s access to the very soul and ability to meld two into one flesh.  But by virtue of it’s access to the deepest soul, sexuality is the number one vulnerability Satan targets and pursues in a person, with which to cause the maximal damage and destruction.  Violating that aspect of a person at an age when God never intended for a human to even be aware of it, has such damaging effect as to be able to not only ruin and incapacitate the victim for a lifetime thereafter, but to turn them into a victimizer themselves, even before they reach puberty.

Aside from it’s prevalence in society as a whole, pornography is known to be a huge problem among pastors, and I think it’s been sufficiently established that pedophilia saturates the Catholic church.  With Sandusky we glimpsed it’s pandemic proportions in Academia, but with Sevile, we see how widespread the practice is within the elites of government. Of course the “casting couch” is so taken-for-granted in Hollywood that it’s become a crass joke.  Society has become desensitized.   We shudder to read about the Crusades, and the Gladiators of Rome.  But that is what you get when sin is left unchecked-depravity even in the (apostate) church, and depravity of civilization itself until there is no civilization.  Is that not where we find ourselves today?  One catastrophe away from a world population of brute beasts, acting in the nature of their father the devil, a.k.a.  “The Beast”.

I don’t generally like to link to Pakalert Press due to the nature of the ads in the margin, but we cannot luxuriate in ignorance and denial.  This is what our world has become and it will only get worse as the UN power and influence expands and the eventual global government takes shape.  The UN “rights of the child” are merely a ploy for elete access to children for their own evil purposes.  Even “child protective services” is complicit.  Satan has so destroyed the institutions of marriage and family, meant to protect children, that we may as well be placing them into the flaming mouth of Molech just as the pagans of old (as well as the disobedient Israelites).

You wonder why huge scandals break, and then get scrubbed from media.  You wonder how a man who is possibly not even a U.S. citizen can become president and stay president for four years, violate the constitution, and then be “re-elected”?  I would say that the number one reason that is possible is because everyone, and I do mean everyone who is in any position of power in the U.S. government, (or any government for that matter) probably has sins of their own which the powers-that-be are capable of exposing, and therefore those who could intervene, do not shed light for fear of their own deeds of darkness coming to light.

Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. James 1:15

When you look at it from that perspective, God’s forbearance and patience are absolutely astounding!

We aren’t sinners because we sin.  We sin, because we are sinners.  Sin is like a deadly blood disease.  The Bible says that by one man, Adam, sin entered the world.  It entered the human race.  And the entire human race has been infected by it.  Sin is fatal.  It brings forth death.  We are enslaved to sin.  Following the law (trying to be good) cannot cleanse us or rid us of the defilement.  However, since as sinners we do sin, and sin must be punished, God provided a sacrificial lamb in the sinless God-man Jesus, to atone for and be the propitiation for our sin.

Sin against an infinite God must be paid infinitely. That is why payment for our
sin must be infinite. There are only two options for infinite payment. Either a
finite creature (man) must pay for his sin for an infinite amount of time, or an
infinite Being (Jesus) must pay for it once for all men for all time. There are
no other options. A sin against an infinitely holy God requires and equally
infinite satisfaction as payment, and even an eternity in hell will not
dissipate God’s infinite, righteous wrath against sin. Only a divine Being could
withstand the infinite wrath of a holy God against our sin. It requires an
equally infinite Being as a substitute for mankind to satisfy God’s wrath.
Jesus, as the God-man, fits the bill perfectly.–(Source)

Until you realize the deadly nature of what is inside you, you are unlikely to recognize your need to be saved from it.  I don’t think there are many people alive today who don’t realize this world is heading in a very bad direction.  Perhaps you can relate to what I have said in this post.  You recognize something in you that tends toward evil, and your need to be delivered from it’s power.  Call upon the name of the Lord, and be saved while there is still time.