And he shall…think to change times and laws

NASA Changing Space-Time With Vortex Energy Blasts

Punching man-made wormholes into space-time?

Physics experiments in quantum energy propulsion and quantum vacuum energy?

………………….Shekinah’s Commentary

Is this real or part of a carefully crafted delusion?  Sounds very Tower of Babel-ish!  The kind of thing that will cause God to take action.

Daniel 7 lists several things the final world system leader will do: he will speak great words against the Most High, he will wear out the saints, and he will think to change times and laws.  Could that be literal time, and the laws of physics?  If so, this is yet one more neon-sign indicating the lateness of the hour, for surely as the leader of the entire world, all of the research, technology, and knowledge that exists at the time of his reign, will be at his disposal.

Last night I stumbled upon an e-book called “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” on Blogspot, which seems to do a good job of connecting the dots on the fact that all conspiracy theories point back to an actual conspiracy, the which originates with Satan himself.  It covers the prevalence of the occult inside the modern church and proposes it is not due to ignorance, but is rather exceedingly intentional on the part of Satanists posing as church leaders (double-agents).  It covers the 9-11 conspiracies, obscure histories of prominent families such as the Bush family and others, tracks this “syndicate” of crime back through history, and winds up with explaining the “strong delusion” part of which, the author proposes, is the “delusion” of the pre-trib rapture.  Well, he had me up until that point, but still, I have read half of the book and intend to read the rest because as I have said before, if your “position” can’t stand up to scrutiny, it’s not all that solid to begin with.  I don’t base my conclusions on sources outside the Bible, and neither should you and that is why, for the most part, I just share things here for folks to consider in their own research and leave the conclusions to be drawn by the reader.  I should hope that a “disclaimer” is not necessary, but will give one anyway: references on this blog and links to various other works on scriptural topics, do not constitute endorsements of same.  It should also go without saying, that every Christian has a responsibility to search these things out according to the Bible, with prayer and due diligence, always testing the spirits at work in them.  One thing the author and I certainly have in common is an urgent caution relating to deception of epidemic proportions that is already obvious both outside and within the church.  The acceptance of a single ruler will, after all, require a global delusion.  (Right now no two people on Earth fully agree on much of anything, but we are beginning to see lots of seemingly mutually exclusive segments and entities join forces: Chrislam is only one example.) With increasing frequency I have moments when I feel like a small child in a carnival “fun-house” and to quote my disillusioned and tearful son when he came out of one of those at the tender age of 4, “that was NOT fun!”

It is increasingly clear why God warned us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, to be sober and vigilant.


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