Intercession and the heart of God ~ Reblog from The Light Seed~ Jean-Louis

Intercession and the heart of God.
Written and posted by Jean-Louis

(This is the mountain range called the Djurdjura in the Atlas mountains in Algeria that I could see in the winter time from my balcony.)

The Lord is concerned about the lives of His people and what injustice has been done to us. But it is not for us to prove ourselves or God to others. The Lord will prove Himself and His power, if, when and how He wants. Our duty is to follow Him, to obey Him, to love and serve Him with a willing and whole heart. He will take care of the rest and signs will follow the believer.

In Exodus chapter 3, we read that when God sent Moses to Pharaoh to give him the message to free the Hebrews from slavery, He gave him 2 signs (to the Hebrews) which should have been enough to identify him and establish his position as a leader capable of proclaiming the Word of the Lord and accomplishing the works that accompany the proclamation through the power of God […]

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