“Can U follow myStream? Socialism->Obama->USA->The Harbinger->Apostacy (another rambling post)”.

Most of the American people do not remember the communist party of America having a candidate in the presidential elections and most Americans didn’t noticed when they stopped having a candidate. Shame on us!

If you aren’t  concerned, you’re woefully uninformed!


A 2009 article from PJ Media

The socialist revolution has come to America. It has been a long time coming.

On Christmas Day 1991, the Soviet flag flying over the Kremlin came down — the Cold War was over. In the United States, the political left, dismayed from the collapse of its great patron, retrenched and transmogrified with the times, choosing for their president a free-trading, welfare-reforming moderate.

But this was but a feint; the era of big government was not over. The left had not learned its lesson, had not abandoned its dreams of absolute control. It seethed and stewed … and waited.

The new century dawned in fire when the twin towers came down. America lashed out, sending large armies into Asia and Arabia. Like all wars, fortunes waxed and waned. But the iPod generation has not the capacity to endure the waning. By the time Mesopotamia was stabilizing, it was too late; the American public had abandoned the war it had once supported. The commander-in-chief who took America into battle with Congress and the people behind him left office ridiculed and reviled.

Many will tell you that it was the financial crisis that led to the election of Obama in 2008. It is certainly true that John McCain’s erratic response to that meltdown did nothing to enhance his chances. But the Republican goose was cooked long before Lehman by years of war, seemingly endless reports of our soldiers struggling valiantly to hold back chaos in faraway lands for reasons that were growing less clear by the day, and a Republican president who seemed frighteningly inarticulate and uncomprehending throughout. The public had simply had enough.

Into this breech stepped a charming, charismatic, seemingly moderate Democrat (he even promised tax cuts!). Barack Obama made everyone feel good — about him, about themselves, about themselves for supporting him. And America wanted, needed to feel good again; they had spilled too much blood, had too much of their own blood spilled, in the preceding eight years.


Well, now that we are on the subject of government, I finally read “The Harbinger” last night.

(Skip this if you haven’t read it because it’s not going to make sense.  I won’t use enough details to give away the story line because no one hates a spoiler more than me)

Interesting book!  It will definitely keep you reading, but as to whether I believe that the Messianic Jewish author Jonathan Cahn has written a book about a real prophecy concerning America; the answer is no, no I do not!  You don’t get to write a book and call it fiction with a wink and a nudge, and then if a person comes along asking the right question in the correct tone,( i. e. someone prone to believe it actually is a prophecy), and  lead them to believe that it is.  It either is or it isn’t.  And I say, it isn’t, no matter what Cahn claims.

It is a blockbuster of a story! That’s true.  But if Cahn claims that this book is a God-given prophetic warning based on the trajectory followed by the nation of Israel, and similarities to events in America,  I have to reject that due to the fact that it is based on a false premise to begin with!

What false premise?  Why, I’m glad you asked!

Cahn claims America (like Israel) has a covenant with God “because our founding fathers dedicated America to God!”  That is not so. Yes, they may have dedicated America to God, but that doesn’t constitute a covenant.  Not even if the founding fathers believed they were making a covenant, (which I am not sure they did).  My husband and I dedicated our kids to God when they were born.  That is not a covenant.  It is a dedication.  It is a commitment on our part to do all we can to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.   Our founders intended this to be a nation committed to God.  It was their Christian principles that compelled them to establish this nation.  But last I checked, covenants with God are made ONLY BY GOD.  Humans have no grounds to approach God and initiate a covenant, though we are invited by Him to partake of the “New Covenant” (which He initiated, just as He initiated the Covenant with Abraham and his descendants).  A covenant has an agreement on the part of both parties and must be documented.  Where did God document His end of this supposed covenant?  Did He sign the Declaration of Independence and we just missed it there among all the other signatures?  Sorry, it doesn’t hold water.  As we all know, America is not mentioned in scripture, soooo…..

Now that’s out of the way, the incidents which Cahn writes about are documented on the internet, and aren’t new information, as far as the tree, the corner stone, and the use of Isaiah 9:10 by various dignitaries.  If his date calculations are accurate, that makes the parts about the 7 year sabbaths pretty interesting, but the connection between 9/11 and the financial horrors of 2008 are just natural fall-out.  A nation doesn’t take a blow like that and have it not effect their economy, especially when it leads to war in the oil-providing regions of the world.

He does take several facts, points out similarities between Israel then and America now, and spins all of that into a  compelling and suspenseful story.   It is a great read, but that’s all.  The fact that these “coincidences” are documented and factual does not establish that this is a warning to America, it merely reiterates the fact that God’s spiritual laws do not change, and it is not that unusual to see similar outcomes for similar wrong choices made by different civilizations thousands of years apart, after all there is “nothing new under the sun”.

Nations who reject God, just like individuals who do, incur His wrath.  Therein lies the predictability of the pattern.  It is much more likely, in my opinion, that these world leaders who spoke the words of scripture (pronouncing what amounts to a curse on the nation),  did so by inspiration of Satan.  Satan and his demons know what the Bible says.  And it’s been known for quite some time now that many of those in the high ranks of government have occult backgrounds.  This book, like so many others today, only makes merchandise of the Word if it is claiming to be a prophecy, and like the moneychangers in the temple, these works exploit seeking sheep who may genuinely desire the truth, but don’t seem to want to settle for the fact that all they want and need to know is already there in the Bible.  They have swallowed the lie that the Bible is “hard to understand” so they need someone else to make it clear for them.  (That is the doctrine of the Nicolaitans by the way and the policy of the Catholic church)

“Christian books” are a multi-million dollar industry these days and unfortunately most people think that if they buy it in a bookstore that has “Christian” in it’s name, then it is safe.  I’m afraid that is no longer true.  If it is fiction, then it’s fiction, but why then does the Cahn contend in the same breath that there is a real warning for America in the book?  Double-mindedness leads to instability.  Confusion is not of the Lord.  It’s like “The Shack”.  Great fantasy yarn, with absolutely no basis in truth other than to borrow the “characters” of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and re-imagineer them with traits and characteristics of the author’s own choosing.  A little like creating a god in “ones own image” which amounts to creating a false god.  Just because Young kept the “characters” in a religious story setting, doesn’t negate the blasphemous nature of the liberties taken.   But these days, consumers of “Christian” literature seem to have a large appetite for the “mystical”  They don’t want the legitimate stuff.  They want something a little juicer, they want the “hidden knowledge”.  Hmmm.  What was that lie Satan told Eve?  Didn’t he convince her that God was holding out on her, and there was “more” to be had than what God had permitted them to freely have?

All that glitters is not gold.  All that sounds spiritual is not necessarily coming from the HOLY Spirit.  Even if your pastor says it is!  The slogan “Question Authority” needs to come back in style, particularly in the last-days wolf-infested apostate church.




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