“The Black Awakening”

J- L  I would appreciate your specific prayer cover as I post on this topic as the Lord continues to lead me to these resources.  I get a sense the time is at hand and this is coming upon this world very soon.


Russ Dizdar, a Christian, has delivered hundreds of people from demonic possession. Russ maintains it is just one aspect of the complete ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. He feels that it is essential that all Christians should be fully trained in the Body Of Christ thus enabling them to be equipped for the “Black Awakening” – which is almost upon God’s people.
Over the past thirty years he has become an expert on Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD] or Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID], Satanic Ritual Abuse, and MKUltra type mind control [sometimes called Trauma Based Mind Control]
Due to his experience working with the victims and perpetrators of “Cult Crime” he has discovered a “hidden underground” that most people could never imagine exists.These “Chosen Ones” are planning for something they term “The Black Awakening”.
Russ and his team at http://shatterthedarkness.net [his ministry website], are seeking to do whatever they can to heal those involved. They attempt to rescue victims, expose and bring to justice the perpetrators of these crimes. Ultimately through prayer and deliverance his team educate victims about the POWER, AUTHORITY and ABSOLUTE LOVE of the KING of all kings, Jesus Christ.

After viewing the above video, here is an audio program on BlogTalkRadio by Rus Dizdar explaining this “Black Awakening”.  Hear it HERE

I have often posted Pastor Mike Hoggard’s videos on this blog.  They are long, and it is hard to sit through them sometims but that is only because he is very careful to support everything he says directly out of scripture.  He has made many videos on the subject of this conspiracy of Satan to altar human DNA.  You can search him in any search engine and find his videos in several locations across the web.  There are people who don’t like him because he calls out the popular TV preachers who are treading in these questionable areas of falsehood within the church, including this “channeling” or “listening prayer”.   This is serious!  This deception is going to wash over the earth like a flood, and it’s coming soon, and many Christians may even become very confused by these things if you are not willing to consider that people like Mike Hoggard are not just speaking out of a judgmental attitude, but in fact he has sought the Lord on these things and applied himself to searching the scriptures.  God has revealed these things to these men for such a time as this.               http://theblackawakening.com/