A reader contribution

In response to a reblog about a historical agreement between the Vatican and Jerusalem, a reader in the U.K, Dean Heyes, left the following comment and  video link.  (Thank you Dean.)

{ Discoveries of Ron Wyatt} Ark of the covenent ,the above footage takes a while to start and stops and starts in places , GOD commanded we test all, and keep what is good ,I have spent well over a thousand hours testing this and I have found no fault or contradiction and the Biblical suport is overwhelming . I believe this is GODS way in these last days to test of our faith ,so many Christians use their own logic to understand GOD and his ways , and therefor canot comprehend HIS truth.

I have seen parts of this video before, and I remember watching the 20/20 documentary of the discovery of Noah’s Ark when it ran in the 80’s.

I hope you will watch the whole video, but if you already are familiar with the Noah’s Ark find, you may not know about the information presented in the latter part of the video starting around 49:06.  That last 30 minutes is very compelling in regards to archeological evidence of what happened when Christ died on the cross, and about the Ark of the Covenant.


Archeological evidence repeatedly affirms the Biblical accounts, so much so that archeologists routinely look to the Bible to figure out and decide where to dig.  God would probably prefer it if we just believed His Word, but knowing our human weaknesses, I think He has allowed these things to be discovered for reasons similar to those for which the risen Christ allowed the doubter, Thomas, to see the wounds in His hands and side.

Faith becomes knowledge and certainty upon sight of the proof.

As we await the Messiah, we still live in a fallen and progressively darkening world.  It can be so easy to doubt and lose sight of what we know.  But the greatest thing in all the history of the world, is the fact that the Bible is true.  God is true, and His love and grace are real.  He devised a plan to save us from ourselves.  Jesus came to deliver us from the evil of this earthly existence.  All who are willing, can be born again, and that blood which fell on the mercy seat, is sufficient to cleanse the sins of the worst offender.  He did not come to call the righteous, but the broken-hearted repentant sinner.  Jesus died to set you free.  This old world can be cruel and life here can be excruciating, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.  We can mess up real bad, make horrible, costly choices that cause pain to ourselves and others, for years to come, and yet that doesn’t have to be the ending of the story, because Christ offers hope for a new life beyond this one.

It is your choice to make, but time is running out.  World History may well have nearly run it’s course.  There is a time and season for everything, and every person will die and stand before God, whether you believe that or whether you don’t is of no relevance whatsoever.  That mercy seat which is represented by the Ark of the Covenant, is a real place.  Jesus’ death bought you entrance to go and stand before that very mercy seat, but only in Jesus’ name.  We have nothing else to recommend us, no grounds of our own, on which to approach our Holy Creator and appeal for mercy.  Better to humble yourself, and approach Him on the basis of what Jesus did, and ask for that mercy now, because after death, when you stand before Him to be judged, it is too late, there will be no mercy granted then.

Jesus was sacrificed for our sake.  Anyone who goes to hell steps over that sacrifice in order to go there.  The sacrifice is before you today.  What do you choose? See my link at the top of the blogstream on “What does it mean to be saved”.