Bring us your tired, your hungry, your sodomite….

President Obama is rolling out yet another payback for the Homosexual Lobby.

Special immigration rights for homosexuals to import their foreign “partners” as if they were married!

Obama has released a detailed plan to force pro-homosexual language into an already radical immigration “reform” package being considered in Congress right now.

These changes will essentially elevate any homosexual “relationship” to the same level as traditional marriages.

Instantly it will create a legal category of international homosexual “marriages” and send a message to the world that America is abandoning traditional values.

It will also put yet another stake through the Defense of Marriage Act — which bans the federal government from acknowledging anything but real, one man-one woman marriages.

But the worst part, the radical Homosexual Lobby will use this free pass to import sexual deviants from around the world.

The Homosexual Lobby has already done so much damage to many countries in Europe, Canada and others — I shudder to think what their members could do if they swarmed our own shores.

It’s no wonder Obama is making this a top priority.

This is not the first time Public Advocate has faced down specialized homosexual immigration.

In the ‘90s, we stopped Bill Clinton’s plan to throw open our borders to homosexual “spouses.”

But the political environment is so much more dangerous now.

Politicians are looking more and more to the Homosexual Lobby for guidance.

They are buying the lie that the past elections were some sort of “mandate” for the radical Homosexual Agenda.

And they are ready to sell-out the Family.

That’s why it is more important than ever for Public Advocate to be strong.

We have to show them that family values still matter in America.

My friend, the Homosexual Lobby is attacking on every front.

Right now three more states are facing brutal assaults on real marriage. Their legislators are ready to give up on their pro-Family constituents at any moment.

If the Obama administration is able to destroy the Defense of Marriage Act now, the rest of the country will be defenseless to the Homosexual Lobby’s plan for marriage.

And Obama’s immigration plan will do exactly that.

Public Advocate is the only organization in America that is willing to stand up to the schemes of the Homosexual Lobby every time.

I hope you will continue to stand with me and Public Advocate.

We have to be ready for the fight to come.

For the Family,

Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States