Watch the pot call the kettle black!

This video, made in the late eighties best I can tell, shows Bob Larson interviewing a self-proclaimed werewolf  and the daughter (Zena) of Anton LeVey, both members of the church of satan.  I find it very interesting the statements which the male makes about 8- 9 minutes in, about “what is going to happen to Christianity/the Chrisitian church in the 90’s” because, he was right, it is what happened!   The aspiration of the church of satan seem to have met with success as far as what has happened in “the church”.  But of course, what they are referring to as “the church” is not the true church.

It would be hard to miss the “deadness” that hangs on these two people like a heavy wet blanket.  Note the man”s definition of black magic: “The use of will and ritual combined to create change in the world without any restraint on what that change might be”.  That sounds an awful lot like the laying-on-of-hands, imparting of the “holy” spirit, name-it-claim-it stuff that goes on in many (so-called) “Christian” churches today.  As a matter of fact, Bob Larson has done a great deal to help these developments along in the “church” and seems to have quite a fascination with the demonic realm himself.  This belief of people having “power to use certain words combined with certain will or expectation, and having no limit to what “blessings” they can draw to themselves via own positive thinking, is not scriptural in it’s origin.   It’s “Law of attraction” in a nutshell!

The way these two describe satanism, it sounds just like secular humanism, a.k.a. “self as god” or at the very least, you get to determine what/who god is for yourself, which is THE common thread of all false religion, including the apostate church.  Easy to see how they all will merge once the Christians are removed.  I found the video very telling, when you consider that  the world elite, are satanists.

The sync between video and audio is very off, I’ll warn you now.  Length 1:28