Psychologists Explain 9/11 Denial

Jean-Louis at The Light Seed has a video on his site which explains why people cannot accept the truth about 9/11.  Thanks Jean-Louis for sharing this!

I can so very much relate to what is being said in this video.  Those of us who are awake have been living this dissonance ever since.  The shock wears off after a while, but it still hurts.

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4 thoughts on “Psychologists Explain 9/11 Denial

  1. The video makes some valid points….. that we’re all prone to being affected by peer pressure and we’re all prone to blindly accepting the word of ‘authority’ and ‘experts’ rather than listening to the evidence and applying reason and critical thinking to it.

    Also, for many people, even the possibility that the official story might be a lie is just too outlandish to consider (cognitive dissonance) because the implications are just too big (ie a guilty, complicit or at least incompetent government, media, scientific community etc).

    But how do we know that these same factors aren’t also at play with ‘9/11 truthers’ and the alternate theories of 9/11 (inside job, controlled demolition, thermite, nukes etc)?

    How do we know ‘9/11 truthers’ haven’t just fallen under the spell of a different set of self proclaimed ‘experts’ and ‘authority figures’ who are promoting a different set of lies?

    How many ‘9/11 truthers’ strongly believe the leaders of their truth movement “wouldn’t lie to us” ….. and how is that different to the supporters of the official story who believe their leaders wouldn’t lie to them either?

    How many ‘9/11 truthers’ have blindly accepted the credentials and message of their leaders at face value without researching their backgrounds and checking the alleged evidence for themselves?

    ‘9/11 truthers’ are quick to point out instances of 9/11 related censorship and ‘thought police’ activities within politics, the mainstream media and mainstream education but if evidence came to light of censorship and ‘thought police’ activities within the 9/11 truth movement itself how many truthers would find this unacceptable? ….. how many truthers would just ignore it because they’ve already invested far too much time, money, emotion in their theories and their far too loyal to their movement (and far too exhausted!) to re-evaluate everything all over again?

    How many years of their truth movement claiming to have irrefutable evidence, yet refusing to submit any of it legally, before 9/11 truthers smell a rat?

    How many years of endless DVD’s, conferences and slideshows before 9/11 truthers feel they are being deliberately led up the garden path?

    How many ‘9/11 truthers’ have ever come across THIS EVIDENCE and why is most of this evidence excluded from the so called ‘9/11 truth movement’? Evidence is truth, surely? Isn’t that what the truth movement is about …. evidence?!

    Is the ‘9/11 truth movement’ (specifically its leaders) genuinely devoted to seeking the truth….. or is it just promoting dogma (and outright lies) to BE the truth?

    9/11 was a sophisticated psychological operation….. is it likely that those who planned it never expected people to ask questions and challenge the official story? Is it likely they wouldn’t have planned a cover up to keep those people nicely contained, misled and confused?

    Could one of the many agendas of 9/11 have been to further ‘divide and rule’ the population by creating waring factions consisting of ‘official story believes’ and ‘controlled demolition believers’ – with BOTH sides promoting a set of falsehoods which they have been deliberately fed, and with both sides far too emotionally involved to ever figure out how they are being played off each other by the same controlling force?

    Good questions, yes? 🙂


    • Yes, very good questions. I know for myself, putting up a video like that is more about the fact that a huge deception is possible and we the people can’t count on much of anything the “officials” tell us. It’s just like in a court of law, we don’t have to have absolute proof, just reasonable doubt is enough. It doesn’t really matter which theory is right. If a handful of terrorists were able to do 9/11, we are not the America we thought we were, and if our own government did it, we are not the America we thought we were. I think your final point IS the point. There is no doubt that the intent of most everything that has happened and is happening is chaos and division, be it inter-racial, polarity between 2 political parties, inter-generational, or inter-religious. Each kind has been stirred up by events in the recent decade. Divide and conquer! The same congressmen and senators who curse one another and bicker during the day, kick back and smoke cigars and slap each other on the back and have drinks together at the end of the day, pals and partners-in-crime. I know a lot of people have been conditioned not to think for themselves, but I also think there are plenty of people left who do question everything and do their own homework. Good Videos!


      • “.. It doesn’t really matter which theory is right…..”

        Another way to look at that would be to say that ‘theories’ of ANY flavour should never be the main focus anyway. Surely the main focus should be the evidence? When you stop and think about it, it’s as if we’ve all been conditioned that ‘conspiracy theories’ (either officially endorsed or not) are the only way to approach events like these. But that’s ridiculous. We all know that all crimes (as well as tragic accidents) should be solved by painstakingly examining the evidence.

        Nobody who is guilty of evil crimes is going to be particularly bothered by a public who passionately ‘believes’ they are guilty. Only when the public is calmly armed with facts (evidence) do they start to tremble!

        I have no doubt that this whole ‘conspiracy culture’ is deliberately encouraged because it trains everyone to approach important matters in terms of speculation, theory, belief and consensus …… rather than facts, empirical evidence and truth.

        In this internet age the flow of information and debate (which threatens to empower the masses and make the ‘ruling elite’ vulnerable) can’t be blocked anymore. But the masses can be absolutely overwhelmed with endless ‘noise’, distractions, misdirections, false oppositions and false truth movements. This is the new form of censorship for the 21st century: total sensory overload, and a constant barrage of non-sense!

        “….If a handful of terrorists were able to do 9/11, we are not the America we thought we were, and if our own government did it, we are not the America we thought we were…”

        Right! And to continue with your line of thought…… if WE fell for it hook-line-and-sinker, then WE are not the smart, savvy, aware and awake individuals we thought we were 😉

        THAT, I feel, is the most important lesson of all, and this lesson can ONLY be learned by getting to the truth about 9/11, as well as deconstructing how this crime has been covered up/ muddled up for the past decade (how we allowed our perception to been managed).

        As the old saying goes, “Fool me once…..”

        (Glad you like the videos, a lot of people who thought they understood 9/11 are finding themselves ‘waking up a second time’ thanks to the incredible research of Dr Wood, read her book if you can – it’s astounding).


        • Touché! The more one understands, the more one realizes how much more there is yet to be understood. It was kind of like the architects and engineers vs. the physicist and chemists, lol. The architects and engineers theories and research were a good exercise in questioning the “official story” as far as they went, but didn’t go far enough. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll do that. I am sure I would appreciate the revelations in it!


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