Tidying up and rearranging



I am doing a bit of re-organizing to make better use of my blog space and options.  The tabs at the top of the main blog stream have been changed to focus on main subjects, while the pages which used to be accessible in that location, are now in the right sidebar.  If you receive my posts by e-mail and seldom go onto the actual blog (main page as opposed to individual posts), you might want to click on the blog title and take a look around at this other content from the home page.

I am also going to turn some of those pages into posts, to tidy up the side bar a little from having so many pages.  So if you see posts of poems and non-news stuff, that you didn’t know were a part of this blog, well, I hope you enjoy them.  And if you see poems that you already read here on my blog, I hope you enjoy them the second time around!  🙂

I’m still toying with the idea of going with a different theme altogether, so if you sign on one day and it looks like a totally different blog, don’t panic.  🙂  I reckon I’m getting the “one year itch”.  Yep, next week, this baby blog will be a whole year old.   The view-counter is just shy of 63,000.  Woo HOO!



2 thoughts on “Tidying up and rearranging

  1. I have not done a lot of moving around in my lifetime, but the packing and discombobulation of moving is one of my very least favorite things. However, a complete change of environment can be a wonderful renewal that breathes fresh air into our existence. I am very glad for you! I pray all will go smooth;y with the move and settling in.


  2. Congrats!….Now, when you have completed all that, will you please come here and rearrange my boxed-in path and rattled brain? 🙂 I’m in the last days countdown to moving back to SE TX to live near my family….and I’m getting soooo confuuuused! I’m, of course, saying this in fun–wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t think I’ll miss a beat checkin’ in with your blog…and MY contact phone # and email will remain the same. 63,000, Eh? Woo Hoo!!!!


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