When ominous clouds are gathering, you know there’s a coming storm

It would seem that the threat from Iran, rather than diminishing due to the recent talks, is only growing bolder; U.S. Warned, Al-Qaida Hit Squads Coming, Biden Says Obama Not Bluffing When He Says He Will Act To Prevent Iran Nuclear Weapon and while the threat of cyber attacks is a major concern for the U. S. and other nations, Anonymous is back up to their old tricks. Anonymous Releases 4.6 Gigs Containing Detailed Personal Info about Corrupt Banking CEO’s .  Speaking of leaked info: Bradley Manning takes Full Responsibility for Leaked Documents

JD’s video this week is very important as he takes us back to some basics. Don’t miss it.

Here is the Lion of Judah Blog weekly prophetic event summary in case you missed anything this past week.

Obama’s visit to Israel can’t help but be a big deal among prophecy-watchers due to the fact that a peace agreement is to be one of the topics addressed.  There continues to be speculation about Obama’s role in these times.  He does seem to be taking a center-stage prominence for the world right now.   Despite a lot of talk of impeachment, treason, and malfeasance, ( The Obama Hustle) the man seems almost bulletproof, or at least Teflon-coated.  Nothing sticks! And he definitely seems to be the one calling the shots on the Iran/Israel/Palestine situations:  Report: Obama wants timetable for pullout from West Bank

  Well, it’s not all bad news.  Here are a couple of encouraging items: Teaching Intelligent Design Goes on Trial in Ohio and

Chariots in the Red Sea, Irrefutable Evidence

 But unfortunately, for every good story like that, we see a half a dozen more like these

Florida College Shuts Down Dorm Room Bible Study

China’s Assault on  Home Churches

and isn’t it interesting how China is more and more in the news these days.  I was actually invited to contribute to a China Newspaper.  The word continues to get “smaller and smaller as we enter the globalist era.  But like multiple siblings crammed into a small home, the more that economies and policy becomes intertwined in the globalist era, the more friction and squabbling goes on.  Nation rising against nation!

China Frets Over India’s Atomic Subs

As J.D. stated in his video above, I think many of us wait with mixed emotions for the fulfillment of so many scripture prophecies that seem poised on the cusp to take place  just any day.  I’m at a loss to how Damascus is still standing, myself. Israel Fears Syrian Collapse

But the fact still remains, that God has His own time table and regardless of what anyone thinks, God alone will determine when the “dominoes begin to cascade”.