It was a chemo day and this was the weather…


What’s more, the guest access wi-fi internet service was down at the hospital so I couldn’t even blog while hubby got his chemo.  The drive was 25 mph the whole way once the snow hit.  Cars sliding every which way, fender benders and several in the ditch.   I’m glad to be home and safe.


4 thoughts on “It was a chemo day and this was the weather…

  1. It all turned to rain and slush by the time we got back home. We live just East of the boundary line where the foothills and surrounding areas get snow, and we get rain. So even in traveling home we were moving away from the snowfall. Generally I only like the snow that falls between December 1 and 25th. 🙂


  2. I miss snow, but I give it just a passing nostalgic thought! Glad you made it home safe with beautiful scenery. I like your new, improved format. God bless you and your family.


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