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Hey everyone!  I hope that this Sunday finds you well and resting in the Lord.  I myself could use your prayers.  I have learned over the years of dealing with my fatigue and pain issues, to manage my stress in such a way that instead of crashing, I have more of a “controlled decompensation”.  I can’t find a potent enough word to really express how weary I am.  My pain levels are not as dire as they were a year ago at this time, but pain continues to be a constant companion.  I am accustomed to that, but anyone who has experienced prolonged pain and stress, can attest to how much it can take out of a person.  This last round of chemo was harder for Garrett.  He is to that point where the cumulative effect is kicking in.  We are not doubting the Lord’s plan or provision, just could use some refreshing.  And we know where that comes from.  I know how weary many of you are as well, just in life, in awareness of how dire circumstances are, even while we still are living in relative peace and stability in America right now, I hear from so many of you who long for our Lord’s return with all of your being.

But as long as He deems that we are to remain here, we are instructed to occupy.

oc·cu·py: from Latin occupare, from ob  (toward) and cupare (to capture or seize); to engage, take up, to fill, to take hold or possession, or control of, to fulfill or perform the functions of, to reside in.

It is our job to go toward the world and engage them for Christ, and our knowledge of the coming tribulation and His soon return, should serve to overcome any hesitancy on our part to do so.  My heart is grieved for people around me that are headed for hell and even for those who blatantly reject any mention of Jesus and their need for salvation, because they are blinded.  My heart is grieved, as I know yours are, for this nation and for the state of the church as a whole.  My feelings run from frustration and resentment of those leaders through-out my lifetime who have failed as shepherds in their duties, to shame over my own years of not grasping the gravity of the eternal aspects and implications of this life.  I have always tended to see the black and white of things, a sort of all or nothing approach except that I will get discouraged when things look bleak, and lose sight of doing what I can do, because I’m so overwhelmed about the things I wish I could change, but can’t.  It is all a matter of perspective and for years I have worked very hard focusing on that very thing, the one thing we have power over, really, as I have said many times; if you can’t change a situation, you can always change the way you are looking at it.  But a funny thing about fatigue is that your perspective is the thing most subject to fatigue.

We’ve all been through our fair share of trials.  I understand and appreciate that they are for our own good in ways we don’t immediately recognize.  There is a saying that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I’m not so sure about that any more.  I think that in God’s “logic” or “economy” the goal is not to make you stronger, but less self-sufficient, and ever more cognizant of the absolute necessity of leaning upon Him in all things, at all times.  That is not appealing for our egos.  We find ourselves begging, “yeah, I get it Lord, but couldn’t you let me feel just a little strong?”.  We should take it as an indication of His intent for us, when He rarely if ever seems to “let up” on us.

Curiously a “near-antonym” of occupy is; to weary (as in do not be weary in well-doing, for in due time we shall reap if we faint-not).   My prayer today is that we will each be refreshed, and that He adjust our perspective in whatever way and by whatever means is necessary, so that we can not only continue to decisively occupy, but do so with a renewed awareness of His sufficiency in us.  And so, with that, have a very blessed Lord’s day and here are a few headlines if you are inclined to look into them today.  And if you aren’t, then that is okay too.  Rest in the Lord, feast on His Word, pour your heart out to Him.  Sometimes He wants you to rest in the shade, take a little nourishment, and don’t get back up until you are restored, in other words, to “Be still and know that He is God”!


Looks like Israel is going to be drawn into the Syria conflict soon.

IDF on high alert on Israel’s Syrian border

This “phenomenon” of the Harlem Shake brings to mind the spate of cannibalism for some reason.  It is as if ‘legions’ of demons are going around possessing not just individuals, but entire gatherings of people en masse.

And more on that subject:

The House that Evil Built


And from Lloyd Marcus:


There is a lot packed into these links today, so this will be my only post.

Love to you all, and Praise to the Lord for His goodness and His mercy.

Sister Shek. 🙂

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  1. Dear Sandee, I won’t burden you either with my own “down” time. Like Jean-Louis I can certainly empathize with you. Though we are spirit, body, and soul, our heavenly Father has seen in His Wisdom to unite (again) three in one. When we are sick in spirit, our body and soul inherit the consequences. I read just a couple of days ago that chronic pain–without any let-up– causes the DNA of our brain to literally change. It’s all beyond my simple comprehension; but I certainly know the toll continuous pain takes in our lives. May God give you peace, comfort from the healing waters of the Holy Spirit, and refreshing in His Love today–for both you and Garrett.


  2. Hi Sandee, You really are an encourager and an exhorter. I can identify with you although the degree and severity of my pain and suffering is in no way comparable to yours. It´s not each episode of pain which lets up for a while, it´s the long haul chronic experience that is wearing down and takes so much of our consciousness, volition that can normally translate into physical or mental activity. As you mention, we do well to grieve for others to turn our suffering and offer it to Christ, resulting in intercessory prayer, otherwise we would wallow in self-pity and be no good for either ourselves, God or others. I pray for you the same prayer you prayed for us, I can think of no better. Refreshment, communion with him, rest in him and not fall under the illusion that we are indispensable or the only one left as Elijah and carry on our shoulder a burden that he has put there. Have a wonderful day of rest. We will survive even if we don´t receive our daily dose of Nurse Sandee´s medicine. 🙂


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