Oh for cryin’ out loud! Guest post by hubby

I’m sure you aware of my wife’s support for gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. I am an equally strong supporter of gun rights and enjoy getting to the practice range every chance I get.
Anyway, with all the recent attacks on gun rights by the media and the current administration, I felt it was time to show my support in a tangible way by joining the NRA. I have always appreciated the NRA’s lobbying efforts to protect our rights and especially their commitment to training young people in firearms safety. So, I sent my payment for a one year membership and even clicked the icon to forgo the free gift and apply more of my fees to support the cost their lobbying efforts. I felt good about doing my part and didn’t think that much more about it.

The next time I checked my email I received an nice thank you from the NRA and an “oh by the way” message to check out the NRA store for items exclusively blah blah blah. Cool stuff in the store but I had already spent my allowance on the membership and had to pass. The next time I checked my email the good folks at the NRA had sent an impassioned plea about the horrors proposed by Diane Feinstien and “Shotgun” Joe Biden and blah blah blah and the NRA desperately needed my donation to fight the gun grabbing blah blah. I thought “wait a minute” I just sent 25 hard earned yet rapidly depreciating dollars to fight the commie blah blahs and you’re asking for more? Sorry, pass.

So the next time I check my email (you’ll never guess), The NRA wants to offer me a wonderful deal on added insurance for my firearms… coverage up to $10,000. Gee Golly what a nice offer but I don’t have that many guns and if start sending you money every time you ask for I’ll not be able buy ammo for the ones I have.

I greatly appreciate the work the NRA is doing on behalf of our freedoms but let’s face it Wayne LaPierre ain’t hurtin for cash and there come’s a point where you have to wonder what the real motivating factor is. I am happy to support the NRA on my terms but resent using my membership and a spring board to solicit me for more donations or try to sell me something I don’t need. On the other hand it would be great if the NRA store carried .22 ammo, I can’t find that stuff anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Oh for cryin’ out loud! Guest post by hubby

  1. Thanks Garrett. Very nice, introspective & cogent post! This is one reason why I hesitate to make any donation to a new organization. You gain a friend that ‘sticketh closer than a brother’ Pr18:24, ‘..who will never ‘leave thee… ALONE!

    But we have a very TRUE FRIEND, JESUS, who will ‘supply all our needs according to His riches in GLORY’ Php4:19. God bless you & yours as you continue on your road to full recovery! Have a beautiful day in the LORD!

    Drgold http://drgoldsite.wordpress.com


  2. You ain’t seen nothin yet. The NRA will also ask you to renew your membership over and over and over again. I think there are probably people with diminished memories who diligently pay all their bills, on time, and have NRA memberships paid through the year 3000. I support the NRA, but I also support The Second Amendment Foundation, who I think do a better job.

    It was nice to hear your voice. God bless you!


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