Now don’t be fussing at me about breaking my sabbatical

I just wanted to let ya’ll know that since WordPress has this cool feature that lets you schedule stuff days, weeks, months in advance, to post at a designated time, that I have some re-blogs scheduled.  Just so no one goes into withdrawal.  ‘Cuz I know you gotta have your daily dose.

I love the name of my blog.  But it may have been somewhat of an unfortunate choice in that it is not conducive to shortening into an acronym.    I’ll let you do the math.

3 thoughts on “Now don’t be fussing at me about breaking my sabbatical

    • Busted! I am giving you a new name. You heretofore be referred to as Jimminy Cricket! But there really are pre-scheduled posts which will be coming up while I’m out. TTFN!


      • Now, now Nurse Sandee, Is that following the Med delivery protocol in the manual? Pumping the patient with extra doses to make the fix last until you come back? Well, I will have to add that new name to my panoply of other alter egos, I am otherwise known as Whistle Joy the fast hummingbird, bearer of good news, Señor Tortuga, the old and wise turtle slow to speak but always reaching his goal, and Cameo the chameleon who learnt to adapt to his surroundings like King David and apostle Paul for his survival.
        TTFN to you, I don´t know what it means but I assume it´s a special blessing encrypted.


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