What Resurrection Sunday Means to Me

Every pain that you or I ever suffered, multiplied by all of mankind through out all of time.

Every sin, every crime, every wrong.  All of that was poured onto Him on that cross.  We ask “why do evil men get away with evil things?”  They do not.  God will deal with their sins.  All sin.  How about yours?

It is no wonder God had to look away.  And Jesus who had never been separated from His Father, cried out “Why hast thou forsaken me?”  God cannot look upon sin.  And in that instant, Jesus was covered in it.  He took it into His body and by submitting to it, He conquered it.

They mocked Him, they beat Him, they whipped Him, they spat upon Him, but they did not kill Him.  No one could take His life from Him.  Though He was fully human in that moment, He was still fully God, having chosen to refrain from exercising His Godly ability to come down off that cross, just like the mockers challenged Him to do, He remained there, held not by the nails, but by His love for you and me, He was the willing sacrifice, the lamb that was slain for the sine of the world.

When all of it had been paid for.  Every last sin.  Every last injustice, HE said “It is finished”.  He commended His Spirit unto the Father.  There are a good 44 prophecies in the old Testament that I know of (probably more) about the birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  And every one was fulfilled to the letter.

They laid his body in a borrowed tomb, and rolled a stone in front of it, and set guards around it so that His followers could not steal the body and “stage” a resurrection.   But death could not keep Him.  He rose up from that grave on the third day, and appeared to hundreds of people over several days before He ascended up to Heaven from the Mount of Olives, with a promise to his followers that He would some day return to that very spot, just in the way they were watching Him go.  Oh yes, I do believe it.

His resurrection is called the “firstfruits”.   It is a promise that we all will be resurrected some day from death.  There will be a “first resurrection” unto life, for those who have Him as their Savior and have already been judged in Christ Jesus, and a second resurrection unto judgment for those who have rejected Him.  (Revelation 20:4-6)

What Resurrection Sunday means to me, is that my sins are held against me no more by God.  I who am guilty, stand as innocent because Christ already paid the price for me.  It means one day an angel of the Lord will sound a trumpet, and give a shout, and those whom Jesus has redeemed, will go to be where Jesus is. No more sickness.  No more sorrow.  No more pain.  The former things will have passed away, and all things will become new.

I have been around the block a few times in this old world.  I’ve had my share of troubles, as everyone has.  There is nothing this world has to offer that I would trade my life with Jesus for.  It has been an awesome ride, hardships and all!  And His resurrection encompasses the promise of a whole other life ahead to look forward to.

A baby in the womb does not know it has not even been born yet.  It likes it where it has been, safe and warm, floating in it’s familiar surroundings.  When the contractions start, that baby gets active.  A pre-determined course of events follows God’s design, and with or without help, that baby makes it’s way out into the world, kicking, screaming, not happy for the rude introduction.

He didn’t know that all those days and hours were in preparation for “real life” that was yet to come.

God created us to glorify Him.  This life actually is a dress rehearsal.  We are not bodies that have a soul.  We are souls temporarily residing in defective earthly bodies for a relatively few short years.  There is more to life than this! Yes, a million times yes!

But only in Jesus.

Do you know Him today?

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