Are You Saved? Have You Been Born Again?

I have been saved, born again by the grace of God, by faith. You can read the story of my life, and know that I am not some goodie-two-shoes who thinks I’m better than someone else, nor am I someone apt to get in your face and try to convert you.  I just care.  The opportunity for you to escape the horrors that are coming upon this earth soon, are running out.  Yes I do believe the Bible is God’s written Word to man, so that we may know Him, and know the things that are coming.  The world as a whole, for the most part, and much to their detriment, have rejected God.  They have bought into the lie that “in the beginning, there was nothing, and that exploded, and from nothing, came all that there is”.  They have believed that a baby is not a baby until it is born, and before that it is merely a blob of tissue not viable on it’s own.  That is the same logic that leads people to believe it is acceptable to kill someone because of their heritage or skin color, or because they have gotten old and can’t do much if anything to “contribute to society”.  There is right, and there is wrong, there is good, and there is evil, and the further mankind moves away from God, the less they even recognize the difference.  God has said those who will not retain God in their memory, will be given over to believe lies.  If the Lord has been tugging at your spirit, if some friend or loved one has told you about your need to be born again, and you have wrestled with it, I’m asking you now, now is the time, please do not put it off.  Someone is praying for you.

Truly there is coming a moment when those who have been saved, will be taken out of this world, and those who have not, will be left here.  Revelation is full of the horrors that will take place on this Earth at that time.  Yes, I know plenty of people laugh at this.  But they will not be laughing on that day when it actually does take place.  And they won’t be laughing for the ensuing years of Tribulation.  Animals will die on a massive scale, famine will envelop the world, millions of people will perish. The “insanity” of weather and nature we have seen in recent months and years will be nothing compared to what will take place then.
A man will appear on the scene with supposed solutions to all the worlds problems and the world will be so desperate they will bow down to him.  He will be believed to be the Messiah which the Jews have long awaited, but they will learn that he is not, when he turns on them.  Are we in that period even now?  Some Christians believe that we are.  However, I believe what we are seeing now are mere foreshadows.  These things are not going to “settle down” and “return to normal”.

I am just a 48 year old mom with an upbringing in which I was blessed to be exposed to the teachings of the Bible from a young age.  I walked away from that for a time, I tried the world’s way of living, and my patient Lord and Savior welcomed me back like the prodigal that I had become, but with open arms and undiminished love for me.  You can read my blogged book in the sidebar and my testimony above.  This blog is mostly about news as it relates to these “last days” we are living in, but it is also my own personal expression of gratitude to God, who I know to be a God of love and compassion.  Life is not always easy.  The way is not always smooth.  Matthew 7:1Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.  Jesus Himself is that Gate.  You don’t have to understand that fully in order to accept it.  I hope you will do so today.


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