Off the Cuff

I wanted to let you guys know that I’ve made my book “Purple Morning
Glories and Gold Lady Bugs” easier to navigate by starting in the sidebar on the title, and each successive chapter has a link at the bottom for navigating to the next chapter in proper order.

I still have not done an extremely thorough proof-reading but I did correct a few misspellings.  It sort of took a toll on me emotionally in writing it all out and today was the first day I went back through it since I finished the last chapter. I also fixed the order of the chapters showing in the sidebar. If you haven’t read it or you started reading and got side-tracked with news posts between the chapters while the writing was in progress, I just wanted to let you guys know it’s a little more user-friendly now.

One of the most common positive feed-backs that I get from folks is that they like the variety that they can find here on this blog.  There is only so much of the news we need to see, to know things are still suspended on the razor-edge of world chaos, and there are plenty of sources of that Christian/prophecy-related news who do a more thorough and consistent job of keeping all the latest coming to your inbox (or reader, or feed).  So if you see me pulling back from that, it is because I know that most folks are only going to read 1-3 posts from any given blog in a day and I am happy to embrace that “less is more” perspective at this juncture.

I can’t remember what I wrote last about Garrett’s chemo.  I was thinking the last session was his sixth and that put us halfway, but he reminded me last night that this Wednesday- Friday’s session will be the 6th and halfway point.  It is wearing him down quite a bit now, making it hard for him to concentrate at work and that is frustrating for him, especially in that every little thing can effect his bonuses (which is a key piece of income when you are in collections).

You know how it is.  I think he and I are both like a couple of over-stretched rubber bands.  When you have been under strain for a very long time, it makes you a little fragile.  It can get to feeling like it wouldn’t take much to break you.   I just keep reminding him the chemo sessions will come to an end and eventually he will feel better again.

If anyone would like to encourage him with a note or a card, you can send them to the physical address of our church listed on the bottom of the “About” page of this blog (in red letters, easy to spot).

Spring has been creeping in a little tiny bit at a time, here.  One week the daffodils came up, then we had the ice and snow, and they turned brown, then the few crocus and hyacinth bloomed, and lasted about a week.  Now my Jasmine is flowering, which smells sweet, and the Dogwood is finally popping out some poor pitiful little buds.  Everything looks faded like the Earth itself can hardly muster it’s normal show of color.  And my Azaleas can’t seem to make up their minds whether they’re going to bloom at all.

Garrett has already been putting in his garden.  He has collards and broccoli, strawberries and onions, tomatoes, beans and parsley, cilantro, basil, and sage, and peppermint, and lots of different peppers all getting started.  He always enjoys gardening, coming home and looking to see what’s coming in, spending a little time with his hands in the dirt.

I am in my New Testament Historical Survey now, and specifically Paul’s Epistles.  There is always so much more to glean from them. What about you?  What are you studying in the Word right now? Share in comments below!