It’s the “Truman Show” redux, only in real life!

The one picture alone was enough to convince me that this was a staged scene. It is the one that shows the guy in the wheelchair from the front, with his bare tibia exposed and the other leg gone below the knee.  As a nurse, I feel pretty confident in saying that anyone who has lost that much of both their legs would have bled out so severely as to be dead, or at the very least, unconscious and deep in shock due to that blood loss, not sitting up in a wheelchair holding what is left of his leg together!  Besides that, the “tibia” looks to be about 24 inches long.  That is one heck of a long tibia!!!! (Average full-grown adult male tibia is about 43cm or about 17 inches). And funny how the skin is ripped off but the bone is intact.  Believable in the case of a shark ripping flesh from bone, perhaps, but multiple projectiles of nails and ball-bearings?  And how did it obliterate the fibula and not break the tibia?  Did that “special effects” makeup artist fail his anatomy class?

fake boston amputee imageThere is no way!

Must see this one:  Shows how military do their training for mass casualties via use of amputee crisis actors.