“This is your government calling”

So, it’s a long day of going for chemo, finding out the labs are off, and thus chemo has to be skipped for this week, talking to the school principal about all the difficulty that I had in trying to obtain Isaac’s missed school work while he was out, dealing with a contracted billing agency about “way screwed up” billing for one of the doctors involved in Hubby’s care while in the hospital in December, and then at 5:14 my phone rings.

I look at my Caller I.D. and this is what I see:

U.S.Govt calling for Ben Lloyd


Tentatively, I answer, trying to remember what incriminating things I might have posted on my blog today…..


(Very deep, authoritative voice): “Uh, good afternoon, ma’am, may I please speak with Mr. Ben Lloyd?”

(My son? Wait, leave him out of this, he’s done nothing wrong!)

Me: “Uh, may I ask who’s calling, please?

“This is Major Daniels with the United States Marine Corp, ma’am, and I’d like to speak to him about a career with the Marines.

(Ahhh, a recruiter! Must have heard about Ben’s promotion in J.R.O.T.C.  Or. Maybe he read about Ben’s promotion— on my blog!)

Nope, just doing his job.  Whew!  That’s good because for just a moment I had visions of this:

Or this:

But it was only this:

neverendingmemoriesphotography.com/                            Image via Pinterest.com




2 thoughts on ““This is your government calling”

  1. Boy did this make me laugh : ) Nice to have a good chuckle amongst the stuff that is daily coming at us. Need to know what is going on but a good belly laugh lightens things up. Praying for you and your family.


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