Baby Hands

Busy chubby baby hands

Doing baby work today

Joyously unaware

Of the dangers that may lurk

Every object is a toy

Every face, a friend

Shadows and light through a window pane

Thrilling again and again

Sweet smudgy precious baby hands

Reaching out to me

Giving me gifts every moment

The kind you cannot see

Delicate, dimply baby hands

Doing baby work today

What will you do tomorrow

When your work is no longer to play

What is all the promise

I see in those big blue eyes?

The numerous choices you will make

Like the stars up in the sky

I love to kiss your baby hands

And hold you snug and near

And listen to you burble and hum

And brush your baby hair

Every moment that I have with you

I’ll cherish them every one

‘Cause I know God didn’t give you to me to keep

You’re only here “on loan”.

Copyright STLloyd 1996

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