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jesus looks at the world

The world is a pretty big place, but it grows smaller by the day.  Not because of overpopulation, but because of increasing accessibility through travel, and real-time satellite internet.  Cultures may seem very different, and I will admit that I have not had the blessed privilege of being immersed in a culture vastly different from my own.  But I believe that people who do spend time in different cultures would tell you that in essence, people all over the world have many basics in common.  Most people want to be loved, have family, be able to provide for themselves and their family, live in peace and freedom.  Most people pursue some recreation, but are fulfilled in productivity, enjoy some fellowship, appreciate nature and beauty, music and art of some form, and most people still believe in some higher power.

The Bible claims to be the Word of God, and I believe that it is.  I believe that God, our Creator and the Creator of all that is, who had no beginning and has no end, who is Himself the Alpha and the Omega, gave this Word to mankind by divine inspiration to men of old, prophets, who wrote it down as they were instructed by God, and that God Himself has preserved it.  I believe that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing and omnipresent.

I believe that Lucifer, otherwise known as Satan, the anointed cherub that covereth, is the most cunning, most powerful created being among the order of angelic beings, who coveted God’s place, led rebellion in heaven in his pride, in a foolish doomed ambition to ascend above God.

I do not believe the Earth or universe are “millions of years old” as science (so-called) claims, but closer to 6000.  I believe that everyone, from the most remote and isolated tribe on distant continents, to the Native Americans, to all past civilizations, carried/do carry among their civilization, remnants of knowledge of God and history that included dinosaurs/great lizards, a world-wide flood, and beings from outside this world.

I believe that like anything that is handled by humans, the knowledge gets distorted, added to, subtracted from, and where there is or has been conflict, different sides have taken different perspectives, not always honest, but as to the victor goes the spoils, also the victor writes the history books.

We humans have been created in God’s image, and thus, similar to Him, we have a vast capacity of imagination.  But that has often been to our detriment, since He gave us each a will of our own as well.

I have come to believe that absolutely nothing in life is random.  Despite the fact that I jokingly insist hat my mind itself is pretty random.

Here’s the thing.  Lets say you used your own hard-earned resources, and invested your own efforts and time, to write some great novel, or create some great city.  Was it not solely Dickens’ prerogative to write the characters in “A Christmas Carol” just as he so choose, and give them the adventures he pleased to give them?   Wouldn’t a man who was building a city, owned the property, supplied all the materials, be the rightful one to decide the plans for that city?  Where does our sense of “prerogative” come from?

Many people disagree on questions of morality, death penalty, gun ownership, homosexuality, but even the most hardened criminal has been known to beat a child-molester to a bloody pulp, in “righteous indignation” over the abuse of power and tormenting the innocent and weak.  We like the idea of self-determining what is right and wrong, but where does our universal sense that there is such a thing even come from?

It comes from the fact that there is a God, and quite simply, He said so.  He was quite specific about it, but beginning with the fall of Satan, and the subsequent temptation of Eve, mankind has been compromising and redefining it ever since.

The thing is, God never changes.  And His Word is full disclosure, He has warned us to that effect.  Just because mankind has chosen not to believe Him, doesn’t alter the fact one iota.

God will do what He will do.

He inspired the writing of His book, the Holy Bible, for our edification, for our good.  God created humankind for one reason.  He desired fellowship.  God is not subject to time.  Like a story in a book, from ancient history to future yet-to-be, He stands outside and above, and sees it all at a glance.  He knew who would obey, preserve His Word, pass it on to future generations, and He knew who would rebel and reject it.  This is what is meant by “the sins of the father being visited upon the children to the third and fourth generations”.  One patriarch’s disobedience, could doom many generations of that family line to blindness to God’s truth.  God has told  us in His Book that a day of judgment is coming.  Science says “matter is neither created nor destroyed”.  But science is wrong. God created everything from nothing.  God breathed all that there is, into existence by commanding it to be, by the Word of His mouth.  The same body of science, claims in blatant contradiction of the first principle mentioned above, that essentially, in the beginning, there was nothing, and nothing “exploded” and then all manner of rudimentary life forms or building blocks suddenly were, and that with the addition of the passage of time, these unintelligent life forms “evolved” all on their own, into more advanced life forms.

It takes a lot more “faith” to believe that everything came from nothing, than to believe an intelligent pre-existent being created it all.  Yet that is what rejection of truth will buy you.  Blindness.  The problem is not that people “can’t believe the Bible”.  It’s that they don’t like what the Bible tells them, so they won’t believe it.  Every person who comes of age makes that decision, whether it is done thoughtfully and consciously, or carelessly and not-so-consciously.

I submit for your consideration that if you landed on this post, on this particular blog today, there just may be a Divine reason for that.

There is a dis-integration taking place in this world.

Through out history, empires and nations have risen and have fallen.  Some have  had impressive staying power.  Governments too, can be quite different one from another, but underneath it boils down to certain leaders, parties or factions, having power and dominance over other ones.  They may be benign, or malevolent, they may promote freedom, or forbid it.  We are all subject to some form of governmental entity.  But there is a whole other realm of principality.  The Bible calls them “principalities and powers”; these are the rebellious ones, and they are your enemy.  Then there is God and the tens of thousands and thousands of thousands of angels who do His bidding.

At any given time in history, in any location on this earth, the “powers that be” may have attained their power by conquest, but only because God granted it.  Here in America, where men who worshiped God, who had been oppressed in that worship in England, came and established a new nation based upon Biblical truths.  Obedience to God affords the protection of God to the obedient.  It promotes access to the blessings of God.  Disobedience and rebellion do the opposite.  God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Jacob, is the only “god” known to man, who does not require for you to make your way to him.  Krishna, Buddah, Allah, the god of Mormans (which is not the same God but an imagined god with different attributes and requirements) the god of Jehovah’s Witnesses (their doctrine, like that of the Mormans, Muslims, Hindus, etc, were imparted by “angels” (of darkness) but God says in His Words, that if even an angel came giving a gospel other than that found in His Word, as preached by the Apostle Paul, it must be rejected.

God’s Word says in His Book, that many deceivers would come, and many false Christs.  Christ is not a name, it is a title for the Messiah, the Savior of the world.

Over 300 prophecies were spoken in the old Testament about Jesus, the Christ and Messiah, and all of them were fulfilled.  (More here)

It is Friday of the week, and often times I try to “lighten up” the mood on Friday, but the truth is, time is swiftly running out.

For those of you who came to this site as a source of news only,  it is about much more.  It is my hearts sincere desire to share with you the gospel of Jesus Christ, that you might be saved from the wrath that is to come upon this earth very shortly.  Without the gospel, the news can only engender despair.  The economy through out the world, is in serious trouble.  Many new diseases, viruses, and bacterial infections are cropping up, as well as resurgence and mutations of old ones previously nearly eradicated.  There are mass animal deaths the world over.  There have been unexplained sounds and sights for several years, that have people puzzled, alarmed, scratching their heads in bewilderment.  Wars are being threatened on every side, and there are thousands of ongoing conflicts, some stretching back a century, that are in progress now.  Basic human compassion, civility, and morality is eroding at an alarming rate.  Science and technology have ventured into areas that should make anyone nervous; A replacement living ear is about three years away from reality, nano body parts can be reproduced the same way using a newly announced microscopic 3D printer, brain scans can tell what a person is thinking, fetuses with the DNA of 3 instead of 2 “parents”.  Governance and order are breaking down, and Police State tactics are rising in even the free-est of nations, while dictatorships have fallen in more oppressed areas of the world only to be replaced by regimes more evil than the previous ones.  There are water shortages, famines, bizarre, extreme and out-of-season weather conditions, sinkholes all over the world, volcanoes waking up and erupting, fault-lines becoming active that had been quiet, and increase of “U.F.O” sightings, and reports of demonic encounters, including and most disturbingly, in children.  Suicide is up.  Corruption is spreading.

There is one absolute certainty in the life of every human being:  Death!

rapture from the graveyard

God created us with an eternal soul.  It is a lie that life ends at the grave.  It is a lie that souls re-incarnate into new bodies and live multiple lifetimes until they attain heaven.  It is a lie that there is no hell or that hell is a temporary place you can eventually earn your way out of.

God who made you, does not want you to go to hell.  He didn’t create hell for humans.  Hell was designed as a place of eternal punishment for Satan and the 1/3 of the angels who joined him in his revolt.  But Satan is determined to take you with him.  He knows God pretty well.  He had plenty of time to observe and witness all God did when he held his anointed cherub position.  He knows human nature pretty well too.  He knows that we have an innate “knowledge” that we were made for something more than this existence.  He knows God wrote His law on man’s heart, which is why we have a sense of justice and right and wrong at all in the first place.  So Satan works within the confines God has subjected him to, using the knowledge he has, and he creates customized counterfeits according to your propensities.  He perpetuates the particular falsehoods of a given culture.  He offers the particular temptations that suit your personal proclivities.  He lures you in and traps you, either with false religion, or with distortions of the good things God created, rather than the marriage bed and satisfaction with your mate, he offers you a “banquet” of options which promise fulfillment but only feed your lust and reinforce the chains of your addiction.  He caters to your desire to be righteous in your own right, and feeds you reams of requirements to strive towards, to “earn” salvation, or penance to suffer.

When in reality, the way to reconciliation with God is so simple it seems almost to good to be true, and it cannot be earned.  One must merely believe Jesus is the Son of God, who while equal with God, became a man in the flesh, and having never sinned, took the punishment for our sins, satisfying God’s wrath paying the fine, so to speak, that we owe for our transgressions of the law, which cannot save us, but can only show forth our guilt.  We must repent, (that is, make a 180 degree turn from, and go in the opposite direction) of our sins and rebellion and transgression of God’s law, and ask forgiveness and ask for the atonement bought by Christ, to be applied to our “account”, for God is keeping account.

I know that time is short before  Christ removes all who are saved from this Earth, (to be followed by 7 years of the most horrific conditions Earth has ever known, and then the return of Christ to establish His Kingdom) because Jesus told us in Matthew 24 what the signs would be, and Daniel and Isaiah, Ezekiel and other prophecy books of the Bible, including of course, Revelation, tell us some of the events that will happen just before, and during that period of the very end.

  1. False Christs and false teachers/prophets
  2. The “fig tree” will put forth leaves this is a reference to the Nation of Israel reborn and a regathering of Jews of each of the 12 tribes into Israel (in progress)
  3. False Christs and false teachers will show false (lying) signs and wonders (miracles)
  4. Many wars and rumors of wars with nations rising against nations
  5. Famines (and drought) in diverse (different from usual) places
  6. Pestilences in diverse places
  7. Earthquakes in diverse places
  8. Many shall be offended, shall betray one another, and hate one another
  9. Iniquity shall abound (as the days of Noah and Lot)
  10. Mankind’s love for one another will grow cold
  11. Many shall run to and fro about the Earth and knowledge shall increase. (This speaks to population numbers, ease of travel, and huge advances in science and technology)
  12. The gospel of the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world
  13. Israel will stand alone without ally, a burdensome stone in the world
  14. Jewish temple worship will be reinstated (which requires the rebuilding of their temple)
  15. Mankind’s weapons capability will be so advanced that if God did not set limits on this period of global warfare and tribulation, no human flesh would survive
  16. Revelation and Daniel predict the rise of a global order of government on the order of ancient Rome (will require the collapse or conquering of all current sovereign states)
  17. A great false influential religious leader will arise
  18. The Jewish temple will be desecrated for the final time.
  19. Faith will be a matter of life and death, mandatory allegiance will be required to a false messiah.


Isaiah 17 news:

Brennan Makes Surprise Visit to Israel over Syria

Syria Begins to Break Apart Under Pressure From War

Note: The Isaiah 17 battle which destroys Damascus could happen any day now, but it also could happen after the snatching away of the church of blood-bought born again believers.

Increase in lawlessness:

$625,000 Gold Shipment Vanishes

Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Records of Federal Offenses, Released

Brazilians Fight Back as Regulatory Agency Tries to Impose “Homosexual Marriage” on Entire Country

Religion a matter of Life and Death:

Saudi Arabia Sentences Men to Lashings for helping woman convert to Christianity

Blasphemy Charges Becoming New Weapon against Egyptian Christians

Militants Kill Nigerian Christian Leader

Growing Military State:
National Guard Air Exercise over Myrtle Beach next week(Should be interesting as it overlaps with Bike Week!)

Florida Garbage Truck Drivers Trained to Snitch on Citizens (It was only a matter of time)

Like the Days of Noah And Lot/Iniquity abounds:

Teachers vote to make everything LBGTTQ-friendly

Wars/Rumors of Wars:

Hezbollah Pledges to Boot Israel from Golan

Russia Provides Assad with Ship-killing missile

Assad Plans to Retaliate Next Time Israel strikes Syria

Russia sends at least 12 war ships to Syria

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Syria-Israeli War of Words via Putin, edges into Syrian-Hezbollah war of attrition

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Israel stands alone:

Israel’s one real ally, the U.S. is unreliable at best under Obama

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Iran Doesn’t recognize Israel’s red line

Breakdown of current order of governments/corruption/economies:

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François Hollande calls for ‘European political union’ within two years

Earthquakes in Diverse Places:

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Surprise New Zealand Quake a 4.2

New Sinkhole:

16-foot sinkhole swallows part of I-80 near Wyoming border