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 Israel-Vatican deal on land use said imminent Deputy FM, in Rome, says agreement could be signed this year; Holy See to receive permission for two new churches

Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin was in Rome for high-level negotiations with Vatican officials over several outstanding land and building issues revolving around properties owned by the Holy See in Israel.

Elkin told the Hebrew daily that, after meeting with the Vatican negotiating team and then separately with Pope Francis I, he thought an agreement would be signed by the end of the year……[More]

It is very interesting to me, that while Iran will likely have maximized their bomb-making capacity by “the end of the year”, at about the same time that the Vatican expects to have ironed out some significant issues in Israeli/Vatican relations which stretch back as far as 1948, (and had only just begun to thaw out in January of 2013)!

Is it just a coincidence that many Muslims also believe that “the beginning of end times” will come in 2013 as well?

Our latest research seems to indicate that, most probably, the first phase of the End of Time will start in year 2013 (1434 Hijri ), when the first evil person  (أعرجAraj, False Elijah / Elias, Messiah son of Joseph, etc.) arrives. This will trigger the Imam Mahdi (Mehdi) (ظهور أو خروج الإمام المهدي) to appear, in-sha-Allah (if God is willing). (Source)

Also incidental is the fact that these Islamic predictions expect that “first phase” of the end times to end in August, and the fact that the window of opportunity to address the Iran nuclear threat was also predicted to be “August at the Latest”, and that although Obama initially intended to sign the U.N. Small Arms Treaty last Tuesday, he has now pushed that back to, you guessed it, “some time in August”.


And here is a random question:

Why is there a live webcam on the tomb of Pope John Paul II at all times?

Could it be because of this?

We predict that the first Dajjal will bring a fake Ark, by bringing the coffin of Pope John Paul II to Jerusalem and resurrect him,in beginning of the End Times while the Mahdi will bring the real Ark of Covenant  (Source)

Since some Christians expect this Mahdi might just be the antichrist the scriptures talk about, and there is an expectation of a merging of these main world religions of Roman Catholicism, Islam, and Judiasm in the tribulation period, while the Vatican is negotiating with Israel for land rights in hopes of an established and official Catholic Church “presence” in Jerusalem, it tends to bring to mind the scripture passages that indicate the whole world will see the two Witnesses lying dead in the streets there, be compelled to worship the beast, and ultimately how “every eye shall witness” the triumphant return of the True Christ! (Rev. 1:7, Rev. 13:8, Rev. 11:9)  (Webcam is the “universal eye”)

These things are becoming very “real” aren’t they?  We can literally see they have now crested the “horizon” like finally spotting a ship at sea that we’ve been expecting.  Pretty heady stuff!

Politics and religion merge in Islam, Judaism, and the Vatican, so we can see how the cooperation between these entities could catapult us into several of the end-time conditions expected, particularly in light of how far along the universal surveillance already is!  Making buying and selling impossible without that mark is not as distant a phenomenon as some might have thought before the NSA scandal broke, and  that it even extends to the E.U!

Just as I have been saying all along, at some point these developments seem to hit warp speed, but only because of the fact so much of it is already a done deal, all that is left to reveal “the hidden things”.

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. ~ Luke 8:17


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