The “Resident Evil” In America and beyond

These two articles, together, are a perfect illustration of why the Radical Muslim (Terror) agenda and the Marxist agenda are not mutually exclusive and indeed are symbiotic in their relationship.  The construct is the same.  Each ideology has an upper echelon which makes the rules, but is itself immune to the “law of the land”, and considers those whom they oppress, to be mere chattel, less than human, utterly expendable.   These two ideologies (Marxism and Islam) find their ultimate amalgamation in Barack Hussein Obama.  The goal is the same.  To them it is essentially irrelevant what we call it.  In Britain, where progressive socialism is already well established, no Obama is necessary.  He is only necessary here in the U.S. as the ultimate agent of “transformation” and I would say that more than any president in the history of the U.S. Obama has, in fact succeeded in implementing his intended agenda.   Some saw that agenda for what it was from the very beginning.  Some are only now seeing it.  Even the ultra-liberal left is beginning to see where they’ve been used and betrayed.   Those who have no scruples and no qualms about engaging evil for the sake of winning, might be starting to see that there is an evil so perverse that, hardened as they are, even they may be reticent to engage it.  But there are many, for whom the god of this world (Satan) has blinded their eyes and their minds entirely to the inherent dangers.

(Warning: traumatically graphic!)

Story and VIDEO: Syrian ‘rebels’ behead man, execute 2 women

If you have not been saved, born again by the power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, this evil is literally coming for you.  Your only safety is in Jesus.

If you are born again, but you prefer not to have to face or think about these horrors, you had better be serious about being right with the Lord, forgiving your enemies, confessing your sins, steeped in the Word, and walking close to Him because as long as we are here, this evil will move closer and closer to us as well.  Christians in Muslim-dominated countries are being tortured, beheaded, killed.  Radicalized (likely demon-possessed) Muslim jihadists in even the most civilized of nations, are perpetrating this same brutality on others just to make a point.  Having seemingly adopted the nationalism of their surroundings, living, working, interacting like a local, then one day some invisible “switch” seems to get thrown, and the next thing we know we re reading headlines about a soldier hacked to death on a public street with a meat cleaver, and the truth comes out about the perpetrators ties to all sorts of radial terror groups.

How does everything become “legal”?  Easy, throw out all laws.  In lawlessness, “anything goes”.  Nothing can be “against the law” if there is no law.  So Obama proclaims the “War on Terror” is over.  Viola! Just like that, no more terrorism.  See how easy that was?

There is only one problem with that.  A terrorist, by any other name, is still a terrorist. (Murder by any other name -like abortion- is still murder!)  The arming of these Al Q’aida terrorists, the arming of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, the arming of Talibani terrorists, it’s all the same thing and America has been doing it for a very long time.

The only difference now is that the evil is no longer done in darkness.  It is utterly unapologetic.  It’s being brought out into the light, by God’s own intent and permission.  I only pray that this light will help more people see their need for a Savior.  Evil blinds you.  If you are blind, all the light in the universe can’t help you to see.  This evil is not only coming for you, it’s coming for your children.  It’s coming for your helpless and infirm elderly parent or grandparent.  It desires to torment your flesh, but more than that, it desires to torment your soul for all of eternity.

Jesus died so that you should never have to find yourself subject to this evil.  Yes, it can touch your life, and does and will.  But fear not him who can harm the body, but Him who has the power to cast your soul into eternal hell.  The same One who has that power to cast you into hell, is full of GRACE and took the form of an infant, lived a sinless life, then laid down that perfect and sinless life, in order to pay the penalty for sin, so you didn’t have to.  If you go to hell it will be by your own pride and negligence.  We all are without excuse.

The tribulation is a real thing.  It is going to happen and powers of evil will be unleashed, given free reign. This “resident evil” is being restrained at the moment, but not for much longer. I totally understand that there are those who believe Christians will be here for some or all of it.  I do not believe that, but I will tell you one thing, for those of you who think we are in the tribulation already, you truly “ain’t seen nothing yet!”  Your only hope, your only protection, your only safety is in Jesus.  Call upon Him today and ask Him for the Salvation He Is Holding out to you like a Life Preserver!  You think you don’t need Him?  You may doubt that now, but soon you will know that you do need salvation, but by then it might be too late!  Behold, today is the day of Salvation.  Please don’t put it off.