The Rapture Reviler’s

I don’t know about you, but for me, the mere fact people have such a vehement reaction to any mention of a pre-trib rapture, just convinces me all the more that it’s right. Why are they threatened by that? There seems to be a jealousy behind it or something. Read what Terry James has to say on the topic.

 Terry James Prophecy Line The Rapture Revilers

Terry James Prophecy Line

An e-mailer addressed an ongoing matter that is perplexing, in that Christians read the same Word from God –the Bible–yet the message the children of God take from the same passages they read can be so different as to be troubling. Nowhere in the Holy Scriptures is this divergence of inferred meanings more pronounced than in those pertaining to prophecy yet future, particularly those involving the rapture of the Church.

Here are the e-mailer’s words, with a few redaction’s for the sake of not wanting to violate privacy, or to cast aspersions on specifically named people.

“I just wanted to ask you a question… I listen to [a well known Bible teacher and radio program host] every morning on my way to work. I consider him to be a ‘true born-again Christian’, and really enjoy hearing his teachings. He seems very knowledgeable of God’s Word. I have never heard anything from him that…

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