Heading for the sub-tropics

The next few days, Lord willing, will find the Lloyd fam someplace between North latitude 23.5 and 25.5 upon a lovely coral cay archipelago charted by Juan Ponce de León, with ocean breezes and enjoying the company of old friends and new.  We look forward to the change of scenery, and the Lord’s refreshing of our spirits, good fellowship, and some great new memories, as this is the first vacation we have had in 4 or 5 years, and the last before our oldest graduates and launches out into his military career and further education.

Never fear, posts (pre-scheduled) will keep coming, with a focus on encouragement!


4 thoughts on “Heading for the sub-tropics

  1. This is wonderful news! You really need a vacation to rest, relax, restore, revive in a sub-tropical paradise. I pray that the Lord will take away any concern, worry right away so you can enjoy your vacation. Usually it takes Americans a week to decompress and be able to relax before they can chill out in the sun and then they have to go back home to the usual grind. So this seemingly unimportant prayer is the best that I can think of. A big Brazilian hug to all.


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