It’s Really Not That Complicated

Life’s circumstances can be overwhelming.

As human beings we often follow a convoluted path through our challenges, demands and finding the answers to our questions.

God is certainly complex, but His solutions are actually very simple.

The simple truth of Christian living is this:

There is only one day.  (That’s today).

There is only one God.  (The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the great I Am)

There is only one way to God (through Jesus)

There is only one course of action God requires for every single obstacle and question you face (Converse with God)

Conversing with God consists of two parts, hearing Him, and speaking to Him.

Hear God by studying His Word

Speak to God about everything by petition, praise, and always with thanksgiving.

Abiding by these things will simplify the complicated, soothe the anxious heart, and declutter the troubled mind.  Apply it to whatever is troubling you today, and see what a difference it makes.

If you don”t know what to do about some specific thing, you can at least do what you know to do.  If you do what you know to do, you’ll be surprised how other things will fall into place!   Study your Bible and pray!

Simple prayer for today:

“Lord, please make me what I ought to be, and please prepare me for what You know lies ahead of me.  In Jesus name, Amen”.

(Originally Posted June 29, 2012)