Pleasant “Off-Topic” gems

I’ll get back to the more serious business of the world’s state-of-affairs in another couple of days, but meanwhile, here are some pleasant posts and blogs I ran across that you might enjoy.  (You know how I love to share my discoveries!)

From a parenting blog by Kiran:

Seeing the world anew


I love blogs that are just about someone’s life!  You know I am a great fan of blogger Elizabeth Prata, her End Time blog, but also her Quiet Life blog.


I love photography.  I don’t indulge in it like I would like to, and probably should really make that a priority.  The next best thing is enjoying images that others have captured, and especially when they give their impressions to go along with it.  It is so pleasant and refreshing to see the world through someone else’s eyes once in a while, don’t you think?  It’s one thing I love about blogs.  It’s a chance to be in someone else’s head for a while, lol.  As you know, these posts have been pre-scheduled, so as you are reading this we will be on vacation.  I think that I will resolve to make shutter-bugging one of my goals for this trip.  One of the folks I’ll be meeting is a professional photographer.  I’m betting he could give me some great pointers and will know all the best places to go!

So anyway, here is a nice photo blog I found:

A Photo (Almost) Every Day



At the Close of A Summer Day