I am unapologetically pro-life and a baby is a live human being at conception

Via National Pro-Life Alliance

NPLA President Martin Fox

One of abortion defenders’ favorite justifications for allowing abortion-on-demand is the supposed right of pregnant women and girls to decide whether their abortions would be the right decision.

But what happens when that same judgment leads someone to choose life?

Suddenly, the abortion crowd doesn’t think her insight is so sacred.

Recently, a very young teenager(*), known only as Belén to protect her privacy, captured the pro-abortion community’s attention, inspiring all sorts of sweeping proclamations about how aborting the baby she was carrying would be “the best option” for Belén’s well-being.

Everyone agreed — except Belén herself. Declaring her intention to “love the baby very much,” she wants to keep her child and give him or her a chance at life.

That was enough for the ironically named pro-“choice” crowd to throw choice out the window. They were certain that Belén didn’t know what she was doing.

“At that age the girl doesn’t have a capacity of discernment,” one observer said.

Another declared, “it’s not possible for any person at that age to have the capacity to understand the consequences on an act of that nature.”

One even sneered that she had to give birth “because of Jesus.”

So let’s review according to abortion supporters: if you want an abortion, you are wise and strong. If you don’t, you’re incompetent and immature.

Pro-aborts are pulling a massive shell game on the national discussion. Their every standard is just an excuse to rationalize abortion, free to be thrown away and totally contradicted whenever it’s convenient for them.

And these are the people who want to decide how billions of your tax dollars are spent.

When they get their hands on public funds, you can bet they’ll use any trick they can to ensure as much of it goes to abortion as possible.

That’s why it’s so important for you and me to cut them off so they can’t use our money to push their sick single-minded agenda.

* Note from blog author: Belén was not a young teen, but eleven years of age.  Thank you to C Dawson for bringing this to my attention.

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6 thoughts on “I am unapologetically pro-life and a baby is a live human being at conception

  1. If you’re going to use the body of an 11-year-old rape victim to make your point, as least get your facts together. Firstly, she’s not a teenager. She’s a child who’s been molested. That means that, in law, she is a minor who literally doesn’t have the judgement of an adult, (hence cannot be tried in an adult court, cannot drink alcohol etc etc.) And the argument over the girl is that even had she wanted an abortion, Chile does not allow it, under any circumstances. That’s what the furore is about.


    • Thanks Chloe, I have amended the post to point out the age of the child, which Mr. Fox stated in this article as being a “very young teenager”. How will forcing an eleven year old who doesn’t want an abortion to have one, make everything right? And which is worse, rape or murder? Will murder of the baby magically erase the rape? I always find it interesting how defensive pro-abortionists get when actual logic is introduced into the equation. Suddenly the pro-aborts can’t see the hypocrisy of, on the one hand saying it’s the mother’s choice, yet on the other hand, it’s only her choice if her choice is to kill the baby. How is that a choice? Help me out here.


      • But who is trying to force her to have an abortion? As I understand it, the furore around this particular girl is because it’s ignited the debate in Chile. And I am firmly pro choice and have never come across anybody who thinks the only possible choice is to have an abortion.

        Still, maybe there are fanatic pro-choicers out there, the same way there are fanatic pro lifers who shoot and terrorise abortion providers.


        • Yes there are sociopaths who think it makes some kind of “justice” to kill abortion doctors. I call them murderers by the same definition that makes the abortionist a murderer. There were many who weighed in on the debate who suggested that the girl, at 11 was not old enough to grasp that she can not provide and care for a baby, thus the decision should be made for her that an abortion would take place (presumably made by authorities, as the mother has already proven unfit). It is my assertion that daily in America and other nations, eleven year-olds are sent (by school nurses, public health nurses, and planned parenthood facilities) to get an abortion, transportation provided, parental consent not obtained. I had a friend who had an abortion. She was about 22, and we had never had occasion to have a discussion about the subject prior, though she likely could guess from my position on other things, where I might stand on that subject. Yet when she came to work the next day, and she was miserable, both physically and emotionally, she chose to confide in me. I believe she also knew that I would not condemn her for something that was already done, which I did not. I hugged her, and I cried with her, and said “I’m sorry”. She expressed some regret mixed with a feeling of having not had much of a choice. (I don’t say that to indicate anyone coerced her, I don’t think that they did). I am not without sympathy for someone in her position. I do, however, believe that a baby is a baby at conception, and despite the preference to call it a “fetus” or a “blob of tissue”, I call a “spade a spade” even when it is uncomfortable for me that it is a “spade”, in everything else, and don’t consider this a negotiable arena, life I mean. It is a life. If a baby is not safe in the womb, where is it safe? The heartbeat of an embryo 6mm crown-to-rump can be seen by trans-vaginal sonogram as early as 22 days after fertilization. That the rape of an eleven year-old is a travesty, is a given. So why is the murder of a 22 day old not? Those who support abortion can decry the many things a murdered 3 year old will never get to do. What about a murdered child who never got out of the womb intact, but instead had a metal instrument jabbed into his skull at the back of the neck and his brain chopped to bits? It is easy to support abortion in theory. And when we rationalize it, and allow it, it even becomes easy for some to do it or watch it done. That still doesn’t mean it’s right.


        • This is why abortion is a complicated topic (for me). I’m pro choice, but I don’t know what the best thing would be for a raped 11 year old. There are a couple of considerations, though. One is an 11-year-old IS too young to be making life or death decisions. Which is precisely why they don’t get to vote, drink or be judged in an adult court. She’s certainly not capable of being a responsible mother.

          (Neither is her own mother – it sounds like the girl’s mother needs to be horsewhipped, because she defended the rapist (her boyfriend) and she doesn’t seem to acknowledge her responsibility to care for her child – she said the relationship between her 11-year-old and her partner was ‘consensual’.)

          That the body of an 11-year-old is too young physically for a baby, normally. Maybe this little girl is very robust. If she were my niece, who’s the same age and very small, I’d stand behind my sister if she wanted her daughter to get an abortion, if just for the sake of her internal organs much less the rape trauma. In the case of an 11-year-old, it’s really up to her parents to decide. Agonising, though, because you’re talking about a potential grandchild plus the impact on your own daughter.

          I can’t believe, honestly, that 11-year-olds in the US are daily being shuffled off to have operations performed on them. Really. To my ears, that’s paranoia.


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