A look at “weeks” and “time”, “times” ,and “half a time”

Well, as you all might have noticed, the post I meant for Saturday went up Friday, so, I thought I’d just jot down a few more of my thoughts that have been kicking around in my head since I’ve been digging through Daniel and Revelation.

Note: If you are not familiar with Daniels 70 sevens of years, HERE is a good explanation of that.  Without it this won’t make much sense.

Embodied in the phrase “time”, “times” and ” a half a time”, is this principle:

  • You have one (of a specific measure of time)
  • You have times (two) of same specific measure of time
  • And you have a half of the initial specific measure of time

Weeks, here are seven of a certain time period.  Figuring out what the time period is, requires knowledge of “the whole counsel” because the key to understanding one passage is always found in another passage.  (None shall want his mate).  All scripture passages should be studied in context to the immediate passage, but also in the context of all scripture.

Now, there are specific periods of days and months mentioned in Daniel and in Revelation.

In  Daniel 7:25 we read that the “Little Horn” will speak great words against the Most High and think to change times and laws, and they shall be given unto his hand “until a time, and times, and the dividing of time”.

What relation is there between the two phrases “time, times and dividing of time”,

and “Time, times and half a time?” of Revelation 12:14?

They seem to be the same, but they are (on their face at least) slightly different.  Where has that principle showed up before?

The white horse riders?

Even parables like the wheat and the chaff.

Things that “seem the same” but aren’t exactly the same, still aren’t “the same”, even if they extremely similar.

God tells us to dig in the Bible like we are mining for Gold.  I believe that the more diligent a student of the Bible wants to be, the more there is God has under the layers for them to discover!

There has been some debate about the calculating of the units represented in these phrases.  They have not always come out the same.

Daniel 12:7  “time, times, half”

If there are different figures, then doesn’t it stand to reason that there could be three different (approximately) 3 and a half year periods in Revelation 4-19 as Pastor Cioccolani suggests?

Revelation 11:2-3 mentions a thousand, two hundred and threescore days or 1260 days (a score is 20) and also 42 months.  One relates to the trampling down of the outer court, the other with the ministry of the two witnesses.  Well, some months (even in the 360-day Hebrew calendar) are more than 30 days. So a 42 month period may or may not precisely count up to 1260 days.

Revelation 13:5 mentions 42 months (3 & 1/2 years)

Revelation 12:14 mentions time, times and half a time, which has been interpreted to also mean three and a half years.

I am not sure that God intended us to have to study Greek and Hebrew in order to make sense of the Bible. Even in Revelation. I just think, with simple faith, that God will make all these things clear the closer the time comes, and it sure does seem to be getting close.  I also think that just as only Jesus is worthy to open the seals, only Jesus is also able to “open” the eyes of whom He chooses in order for them to see what is there, and do so when He sees fit.

One principle of good parenting is “don’t give a child more information than he needs or is capable of handling”. It works when you are telling them about the death of a loved one.  It works when they come with questions about how babies are made.  When you give them too much, it only causes anxiety.  Timing is important too.  God is our parent.  You don’t tell a four-year-old kid at 8 am that at 2 this afternoon he is going to get a shot.  He will just worry about it unnecessarily.  We are God’s kids.  There are some things we don’t understand yet, and that is okay.  But we recognize the season we are in.  Whether Pastor C. is right or not, just as he said in his videos, it will come to light either way.  We will know by and by.

This link will take you to Pastor Steve’s most comprehensive video on his “Time Line of Revelation”.  I hope readers will watch and take to heart his words at the beginning about condemnation before investigation.