Rapture Forums-A great resource

HI guys!

As you know I’ve been streamlining my news intake, and focusing now more on my studying and writing.  I am sure many of the readers at this blog are aware of many of the ministries, blogs, and websites out there that concentrate on the Scripturally Prophetic, and the current world news, but I always like to spread the word for any newcomers.  I was contacted by someone from Rapture Forums, which I am pretty sure I had in my Favorites on one of my computers at some point in these recent few years, but after  we’ve had a couple of the computers to die on us, I’ve lost track of some of the links I used to follow.   I was really glad that Chris got in touch via the Serve Him in The Waiting “Contact” tool.  We are all working toward the same end.  Since I’m not bringing you all the news, all the time, these days, you’ll want to add their link to your FAV’s.

If you don’t know about these guys, here below is a clickable link.  There are tons of resources over there, and the Doctrinal Statement and Core Values they uphold are rock solid!  The site is packed with good and informative articles for understanding the times we are living in.

Rapture Forums