Series Conclusion: For further study

I recommend these commentaries by Pastor J. Vernon McGee

Daniel- Commentary  by J. Vernon McGee-Thru the Bible SeriesRevelation II NEW by J. Vernon McGeeRevelation III NEW by J. Vernon McGee

Available on E-bay, Amazon, and best price on McGee’s ministry website (Through the Bible with J. Vernon McGee) click:

I recommend these books by Dr. Oliver B. Greene, for verse-by-verse study of the books of Daniel and Revelation, and the topical study of the Return of Christ, and of Bible Prophecy:

Daniel: Verse by verse study by Oliver B.…Item image

Dr. Greene’s books are Available on, (prices vary greatly) and on the Gospel Hour website for his ministry, where you can also find a local station in your area that still plays his solid Biblical preaching, or listen online.  Mp3 downloads also available!


For more immediate further study….

Click on the book image below to go to Jack Kelly’s PDF download of his book        7 Things You Have To Know to Understand Bible Prophecy
(Also available for in print at


Other further/recommended reading:

The Significance of Revelation 5:10 for the Timing and Nature of the Kingdom of God