A star is born!

I think I will have to start a new category.  It will be called, of course: “Sammy”

Yesterday I posted a little about our pet history and my discovery that our Sam-dog probably has Narcolepsy with Cataplexy like me!

We know Sammy has a taste for music, because the very first thing he chewed up was the back panel piece for the ukulele Garrett is currently building.  When he finished that, he chewed Garrett’s slippers, and left his calling card, (no not that, gross!) tooth marks in Garrett’s nice leather loafers.  Then he moved on to a wooden “chock” I used for wedging under the hallway door.  He is part billy-goat, I tell you.  Well, at least hopefully the psyllium will do him some good.  He’s definitely showing signs of increased fiber in his diet, if you get my drift.

So I went on eBay (have I mentioned that although I hate shopping, I LOVE eBay?  It’s like a yard sale without getting up early and driving up and down the streets trying to find the right house). Anyway, I looked up dog chew toys, and did you know dogs love elk antlers?  Some guy on there makes those elk-antler chandeliers, and his dogs loved the scraps, so he started cutting them into five-inch pieces and selling them at twelve bucks a pop on eBay!  Gotta love Capitalism.  The antlers are shed antlers so he is even all P.C. and stuff.  “No elk were harmed in the making of these all-natural products”.  I didn’t read all his blurb but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an endorsement on there from the American Dental Association.

So, anyway, when the fam all got home from their varies places and after-school activities, I was telling them about it, and my younger son Isaac reminded me that he has deer antlers in his closet.  (Ugh!) So I said, “well, go get them”.

Now, I’ve shown Sammy’s picture on here before.  It was not until last night that I realize why his face resonates so much with folks, (other than his obvious cuteness.)

Here is the original Sammy picture I ran in my first post about him:



Which famous celebrity dog does he look like?

Notice I didn’t say “dog of a celebrity”, I’m talking about a dog who is a celebrity in his own right.

Anybody? ……

Maybe this will help:


Anybody know where I can get one of these:

(Hey, I have a physical address on the “About” page, if you find one and want to send it to me.  I’ll reimburse ya!)

Seuss original version!

His name is Max

Live Action Version!

And, yes, for those of you who read my post yesterday, I laughed so hard that it brought on cataplexy. No trip to the morgue for me, rest assured!

If I could find a way to hold a heavy deer antler on my dog’s head, I’d take him for a walk.  Although, someone might end up calling an ambulance when I fall out on the street.  Or the cops, because you tend to walk like a drunk when you try to walk during cataplexy, and when I get tickled, well, you should just read my bug story.   But I will definitely have to look for the kind Max is wearing in the photo, and a red clown nose, so I can pose him in front of the tree and use it next year for the Lloyd Family Christmas card.

You should have seen him trying to get his antler chew through the doggie door! (Sorry, I didn’t have the camera ready for that one and besides, I’m likely to drop it when the cataplexy hits!  Note how shaky and unsteady the video is, not even YouTube can fix that!)

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