Daybreak will come

Most of my readers know that I am a Rapture-Ready fan of my fellow-nurse, and fellow-blogger  Rapture-Ready contributor Donna Wasson.  Her latest article really resonated with me.  The Bible tells us that the church will be in a weakened condition in the end.  Philadelphia is the church that “hath a little strength” and hath kept His Word and hast not denied His name.  Denying His name is not the rejection altogether of the “idea” of Christ, rather it is a hollow and meaningless embracing of peripherals that believes it may pick and choose among the things He has proclaimed about Himself.   A practicing of a form of Godliness which denies the power thereof.  It is the church of Laodicea which denies Him.  The lukewarm church which He spews out.  The Harlot Church.  The tares.  Right now, it’s all one church.

In The Sheep Are His, Donna, in her inimitable candid style, reveals her own frustration at the thought that those whom we as Christians often have little patience with, are as beloved to God as we are.  It is a remembrance that “but by the grace of God, there go I”.  It is very easy, once one has been saved a while, to forget what we have been saved from.  I like Donna’s admission of this fact and how hard it is.  I totally agree.  But I think it is more than that for those of us who have some form of ministry in which we have been sounding the alarm.  There is no question that there are those who really don’t want to hear about the end times, prophecy, rapture, etc.  God’s patience is very long.  We humans, not so much!

I think that there are some folks who don’t seem to grasp that we are where we are right now.  But for the most part, I think that on some level, they do know.  They aren’t ready to face it, but they know.  When you consider the parable of the ten virgins, all of them fell asleep waiting.  Regardless of the different viewpoints of the meaning and timing of this parable and what it represents, it’s generally agreed that five of these are acceptable to go into the presence of the Bridegroom and five of them are not.  So even the faithful, doze off.  Just like the disciples in Gathsemane when Jesus was trying to be prepared for the hardest moments He would ever endure.

God knows this about us.

People handle things differently.  Some people have a need to not dwell on anything unpleasant until they absolutely must, and then they deal with it!  Some people sort of need for you to give it to them straight-up, no matter how painful, they want the the entire scope of “worst-case-scenario” and they will deal with it by attempting to prepare themselves to endure the very worst, while hoping the actual outcome will be the less daunting than what they had prepared for.  I’m in that latter category.

Do you as a Christian find your usual compassion seems to be wearing thin?  People’s love for one another will grow cold.  I think that is a general indicator of the lateness of the hour.  I don’t think it applies to the world in general, because it is God ‘s people who are known for love.  We ought not be surprised.  But it’s not an excuse to stop trying.  Just expect that it will be harder.  It only makes sense, as evil increases.

Keep watching the developments.  The pressure on Israel to work out this peace agreement, just continues to mount.  The European Union (think spirit of Rome here again) has offered incentive in the form of an Unprecedented Aid Package.  This package includes things like a special “non-member” Privileged Partnership with the E.U. that would confer (in part)

increased access to European markets, closer cultural and scientific links, and promotion of business-to-business relations.

(Never mind that the P.A. has already been caught mishandling E.U. funds by paying “employees” who were not actually doing any work!)  Things not worked-for and not-earned, are not generally appreciated.

The Arabs in Palestine want more of Israel.  They already control, according to one article, 99.75 percent of all the land in the Middle East.  But they want Judea and Samaria, and Jerusalem.  Do those particular places mentioned together have a familiar ring to you?

… You will be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the Earth.  Where was Jesus when he said this?  He was standing in Jerusalem.  Right there on the Mount of Olives.  Full circle.  Where the church age began, it will end.

Kerry wants an international coalition to administer the mandate of control over the Holy Sites in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.  Kerry has kicked around the idea of Turkey and of the Vatican being part of this coalition, but as I mentioned yesterday, Israel rejects Turkey’s involvement.  Both parties are amenable to Jordan instead.  By the way, this “agreement to agree” is tentatively slated to last about three years.  The goal for this preliminary agreement being completely ironed out, is set for April 2014.  Passover will be April 14 at sundown.  The ultimate goal for having the entire peace agreement signed was set for November-ish of 2014.

Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset on September 24 of 2014.  Yom Kippur at sundown on October 3rd of 2014.

These feasts are the Lords feasts and they pertain to the Jews.  They are significant in relation to the Jews, and the fact that after the Rapture, God’s attention again will focus on His dealings with the Jews, is what makes these dates and their coinciding with these deadlines in the peace process significant.

I have pointed out before, as have others, the timing of the anticipated blood moon tetrads, and though this is an interesting correlation, we should be careful about our conclusions and expectations.  Trusting God means having the faith of a child and not having to have every single question on every single detail answered here and now.  The signs are for the unbelieving Jews.  They are like a judgment, rather than a warning flare.  Think of it this way:  when detectives go to a crime scene, they cordon off the area with yellow tape, they place markers down beside evidence without disturbing it, and they take photos.  They then gather the evidence, and keep it for purposes of introduction at trial.  Where it will be used to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, the guilt and complicity of the accused.  When God judges all men and all nations, He isn’t going to leave any doubt.  He will pull up the record of the evidence.  He will say “I sent you this clear sign, and you still didn’t obey”.  I think we sometimes think God owes us more of an explanation of things than He actually does

The fact that God sometimes “gives over” a rebellious one to their own devices, is a little bit like when the police have to allow a person to actually commit a crime  in order that they can press charges.   It is a lot more complicated to try and prosecute someone on “intent” (although that is becoming more of a reality in this era of “pre-crime” detection).  God has salt and light in this world right now, to help keep the decay from completely engulfing the Earth.  He restrains the growth of evil, that given it’s freedom, would otherwise take over like kudzu in the south.  It is a spiritual law just like gravity is a natural law.  Letting it go to it’s fullest potential, makes it pretty clear what the sinful creature is really “made of” and capable of.

Though it is hard, and though there is much we don’t entirely understand about the things that must take place before the final end comes and Christ sets up His Millennial Kingdom on Earth, He warns us “in your patience possess ye your souls”.  Remember that the same Bible that was written for the church age Saints, was also written for those who will remain here after the rapture.  Everything Daniel understood in his day, did not encompass the things that would only apply in our day.  They were there!  Some of it God dictated directly to Daniel.  But he couldn’t comprehend it, and when he asked, God said “that’s not for you to understand”.  Everything we understand now, may not encompass things will apply only after we are gone.

So even though we often speculate on things like who the Antichrist might be, those are not things that ought to consume us, by any means.

I think the parable of the virgins is one of the most puzzled-over passages in the Bible.  My oldest son has always had a specific way of dealing with stress.  He just goes to sleep.  Seriously!  Where most people find it impossible to sleep when they are anxious, when he has pushed extra-hard, when he has seen something that has him disturbed, when he has experienced disappointment, he sleeps.  He has probably the best ability to keep his perspective than anyone in the family.  I have to wonder sometimes if that was why the disciples fell asleep when Jesus went to pray, and why even the wise virgins all fall asleep.  He knows our frame.  WE ARE BUT DUST.

It is always going to be darkest right before the sunrise.  Our sunrise is coming.  For those of you who don’t understand it all, I think it is really okay to just trust that God is going to take care of you and what needs to happen will happen in His perfect timing.  Does this world get more infuriating every day?  You betcha!  An honest man, just seeking to go about his own business and provide for and protect his own family, has a lot going against him these days.  A lot to contend with.  The cheaters and liars and schemers seem to breeze on through life.  Don’t fret because of the evildoers.  God is keeping score. Which should be an incentive for self-examination and log-removal while there is still time for that.  This is not to ignore whatever work we are called to do.  We all have to keep on keeping on.

One day at a time, one moment at a time, those fleeting remaining moments of this age will pass, and Daybreak will come.