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Burning Alight: 12 Endtime Fuses – Part IX

Trashing Judeo-Christian Pillars—Christians, Jews and Zionism

Wilfred HahnBy Wilfred Hahn ((Eternal Value Review)

We continue with the final part of our

series. Without a doubt, more burning fuses could have been added to the

list. Our selection of 12, as we mentioned at the outset,

will surely have left out some

important shifts in human beliefs. Like every other generation that has

sought to interpret Bible prophecy or peer into the future, it is

impossible not to be biased by the current trends and conditions that we

see around us.

All of the fuses mentioned, represent what

can be characterized as sudden last-day changes in beliefs or new

idolatries of humanity (with the possible exception of anti-Semitism).

All of these changes are relatively recent in the timeline of human

history. Crucially, these beliefs represent the choices of mankind—the

free-will of a global humanity—that Bible prophecy foreknows.

A just God could not pre-ordain these choices.

But with mankind having made its evil elections, a chastening

Tribulation therefore follows. It is for this reason that these “fuses”

have the potential for an explosive impact upon the world.

Burning Fuse #10: Anti-Christianity

When considering opposition to Biblical Christianity, one instinctively

thinks of persecution. Indeed, persecution against Christians in its

various forms has been increasing in recent times. Various ministries

and organizations attempt to track the incidence of such activities

around the world. Generally, they report a rising number of incidents

both involving governments and communities. These may be denial of

rights, physical abuse or murder.

Yet, there are other types of persecution that do not lend themselves to

statistical analysis. For example, the increasingly open ridicule of

anything Christian in secular public discourse and media is one such

manifestation. Also, while Christian persecution may take physically

brutal forms in Islamic and other nations, in the West, the Christian

faces more subtle forms. The demands and cares of the highly

commercialized, consumption-oriented lifestyles of the industrialized

nations have been toxic to the Biblical Christian faith.

However, there is a much larger “anti-Christian” phenomenon that the Bible itself

prophesies. It is the great “falling away” (2 Thessalonians 2:3). By all

indications, it is to be a massive desertion of the Christian faith, so

big, that Christ asks rhetorically, “[…] when the Son of Man comes, will

he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8). Says Paul: “The Spirit clearly

says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow

deceiving spirits and things taught by demons” (1 Timothy 4:1).

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By  Wilfred Hahn as seen on RaptureReady.com