9-Year-Old Indiana Boy Given Exorcism After String of Strange Incidents | Fox News Insider

9-Year-Old Indiana Boy Given Exorcism After String of Strange Incidents | Fox News Insider.

I am sure most of you have heard something about this story (at the above link) by now.  I read the account sometime either Tuesday night or yesterday morning, and started to share it then, but decided to wait until I had heard or seen more.  I think that with so much demonic influence in music and the entertainment industry in general, that children at younger and younger ages are being exposed to demonic influence and I frankly think this story is likely credible.  Not only that, but I think that we are now living in an age when “spirituality” in any and almost every form (except for true Christianity) has largely lost its taboo.  It is simply yet another indication that conditions are growing more conducive to the acceptance of an Antichrist.  I know that as a nurse who did both hospice care and home care visits for people in the end stages of life, that most medical professionals who do that kind of work that deals with patients about to “cross over”, have some tales to tell of a supernatural flavor, of their real-life experiences.  Certain houses with a distinctly “evil” or menacing atmosphere, or certain deaths where the patient’s struggle and resistance left the distinct impression they were facing something on another plane we could not see, but could sense it frightened the patient who was seeing or experiencing it, in an undeniable way.  I imagine many paramedics, police officers, priests, undertakers, maybe prison guards or those who deal with the executions in the prison system, as well as social case workers, have witnessed things they cannot explain.

There are people in this world who have some sort of sixth sense that does allow them an awareness to these things that other people don’t sense or discern.  As Christians we are warned not to pursue these things, not to conjure or seek out or consult or evoke “powers of darkness”. Unfortunately there are many who dabble in these things in ignorance.  There are a lot of folks who are dabbling in things “spiritual” in the name of faith and “church” and even in the name of Christianity, these days, that the Bible itself actually forbids.  Things of a supernatural nature are very serious.  A wise person should have a healthy fear of things like that. I am not surprised by this story.  I won’t be surprised to hear more like it, either.  I think that demonic manifestations will naturally grow more common the more “Godless” America becomes.

And speaking of that reminds me of another story I saw yesterday.  I commented back when Putin took a stand against any blatant displays or demonstrations in favor of homosexuality at the Sochi Olympics, on how ironic that was. But this story really lays out there just how low America has fallen.  I don’t know that Putin is acquainted with spiritual truth, but he does seem to recognize the value and benefit to society that respect for God’s law and good old fashioned family values plays in the strength and stability of a nation.