God’s non-negotiables


Days of Lot Pennsylvania Gay Marriage Ban overturned by Judge

It’s happening that way everywhere, one state at a time. Three percent of the population is gay. Yet the will of the minority rules. In what parallel universe? This is not America anymore. God has allowed us to be conquered by an evil king. Just like He did with Pharoah in Genesis, and Nebuchadnezzar  in Daniel (Daniel 2), and now under Obama in the U.S.

When a nation no longer loves truth, He turns them over to their own devices, so that they believe lies. The release of the book God and the Gay Christian, does just what the Bible tells us would happen in this time, calling wrong, right, and calling anyone who persisting in calling wrong, as it is, wrong, well they are not only a hater and a homophobe, but subject to legal action!  Christian ministries used to work to help people escape homosexuality. Now they have started affirming those in that lifestyle, and some ministries have even apologized now, for their “misguided attempt” to lead people out of the lifestyle.

I know that many Christians have children or other loved ones who are gay, and I also see the “normalization” of it as having created an environment wherein it almost “seems” inevitable for some.  Our kids, like us, are partially a product of the prevailing atmosphere of their times, to such an extent that even if they have no inclination in that direction whatsoever, they certainly cannot (will not) “condemn” someone else for either “their choice” or “the way they were born”.

Well, here’s the deal. Take homosexuality out of that equation and replace it with any sin. Are we haters for putting burglars in jail? I mean, they were born cleptomaniacs, weren’t they? How about murderers. If they were born with a lust for blood, who are we to judge them?  We are no one, but God does judge them.  And those of us who are standing by the truth, are only trying to warn them.  But people don’t want to hear about God.  It’s not that they don’t believe the Bible, it’s really that they don’t like what it says about them and their sin.

I am really only learning late in life about the fact that we, as Christians are expected (by God) to look different, be different from the rest of the occupants of this world we live in. I mean I knew it “intellectually” but had never had it modeled for me.  And where I did see it, I learned by example, to classify it as extreme, even cultish.

Maybe it has to do with being at this small (some would call it a “throwback”) independent Baptist church, who although they don’t prohibit their girls and women from cutting their hair and wearing makeup, or ever wearing pants, still seem stuck in the fifties almost, in their pie-in-the-sky ways, and having so “come out of the world” as to seem almost unaware about what is going on “out there” outside the doors. By that I mean, they recognize that it’s bad, but their perspective is one of “people simply ought to know better” when in fact, for a couple of generations now, even churched individuals have never heard preaching about hell, about guilt before a holy God, or even the ten commandments.  Living in that “bubble” is, as they say, “a great gig if you can get it”, but the sad truth is, even most Christians today couldn’t relate to living that way, and walking that kind of a “walk”.  Because “church”, in most instances, has become merely a (compartmentalized) pep rally, at best, and a hodgepodge of all sorts of other things, including paganism and mysticism at worse.

At one time, when I had not developed the discipline of studying the Bible diligently for myself, I found myself almost trying to justify homosexuality. Not as a crusade, but just within my own mind.  Everyone has a friend that is gay, or knows some loveable and/or very likeable person who is gay. It is reflexive, to wish that maybe it’s not actually a condemnable offense. Asking God, how can people even help it, these days, it’s so prevalent, like the billboards of women in their barely-there Victoria’s secret “intimate wear” was called porn a few decades ago, now it pops up in the middle of Saturday morning cartoons and in the sidebar ads of Christian websites. The practitioners and supporters of homosexuality are so militant, and the environment so politically correct. I believe kids are often literally recruited into it, in the same way a couple of decades ago they were subject to peer pressure to give in to pre-marital fornication, or they simply would never be “accepted”.  Sometimes that recruiting is just to offset any lingering feeling of guilt, by sharing it with someone else, and sometimes it is because that person has gotten in so deep that they don’t even know why they want everyone else to accept and/or be gay, but it drives them like an obsession.  More often than not, though, I think that agenda is so potent because politicians pander to it, stir it up, and use it to their advantage.  Corruption. Pure corruption.

But the “pollution” of the environment is no excuse, because God’s law never changes. We get used to it, tragically, we get desensitized to it, even if we have not sought out those things, they are now so “in-your-face”, yet God’s standards don’t “evolve” and “change with the times. The particular phrase “we see through a glass darkly”, brings to mind an old mirror, the kind where that coating on the back clouds up over time, it literally corrupts. What we “see” in regards to morality is very distorted. We need an instrument, like a compass or a level, or a “plumb rule” something to compare things to, in order to know what “plumb” is. What true center or true “verticality” is. Without absolutes to go by, how can anyone ever be “right” or “wrong”. That is what the Bible is for.  It provides the absolutes.  Yet most reject them.

Most people think that right and wrong are relative, but go ask someone who works in a prison, what they happens to child molesters and rapists, if they are placed in the “general population” in prison. There is pretty much a consensus among most, that molesting and abusing children is unacceptable. Yet in this sliding-scale culture of morality, there is nowhere else to go but further down. Today we have psychologists and psychiatrists trying to de-stigmatize pedophilia. Where does it end? Pedophilia is a progression on the societal scale. Not merely another “lifestyle choice” or “sexual preference”. It is a progressive corruption. The scriptures would refer to these behaviors as reprobate.

Romans 1:28 says; and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind (Defined in Strong’s as unapproved, worthless, castaway and rejected), to do those things which are not convenient (which Strong’s explains as unfit, unbecoming, and altogether tending toward or reaching only for that which is forbidden).

So, their “not wanting to retain God in their knowledge, is what results in (Romans 1:27) specifically men leaving the natural use of the woman, and burning with lust one toward another or as phrased: working that which is “not convenient”. (is unfit or unbecoming). The causative factor is rejection of God, the (secondary) result is homosexuality, and for some, on to pedophilia, (then bestiality?).  It is like a linear progression away from good toward worse and worse evil.) The more one rejects truth and “good” the more their appetite for evil will increase. Now there is a word you don’t hear much anymore. Reprobate.

The dictionary defines “reprobate” (noun) as one who is depraved, wicked, rejected by God and beyond redemption or salvation. When the Bible calls something an abomination it means: vile, shameful, abhorrent. The 1611 dictionary defines it as an object of detestation. ( Often that refers to God’s extreme hatred of something. Guess that makes God a H8r!). I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be messing around with the hatred of an all-powerful God, able to send me to hell. You may say, “I don’t believe in hell”, but that doesn’t matter, because there is.

A lot of people say that “people shouldn’t act as if homosexuality is a worse sin than others.  Sin is sin”. But is it? What does God designate as an abomination? The phrase “is an abomination” appears in 20 verses in the KJV. The phrase “an Abomination unto the Lord” appears in 4 verses. The phrase “an abomination” occurs in 34 verses. None of those verses contains an or coincides with reference to the “working one with another that which is unseemly”, or the burning with unnatural lust one for another”. Nor does the Bible use the term “perverse” specifically in reference to homosexual acts, though the word appears in 28 verses.  However, it can be deduced that since rejection of God and truth, leads to God “turning one over to” those types of things, it stands to reason that left to our own devices, that is where we would eventually end up.  As individuals, and as a society.

We are not “essentially good”.  We are unequivocally and purely evil in our ways and our thoughts.  Only the “factor” of God, and of “absolutes” can preserve a society.  Thus, the current philosophy of “what is wrong for you may not be wrong for me”, sounds great to “itching ears”, there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is death.

And not only are the lost drifting further and faster down that slope of “relativity” but even professing Christians within the visible church, are equally unacquainted with God’s unchanging, immutable truths.  He says “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”.

Not only do most Christians not study or read their Bible, but they don’t wear their armor because they don’t even know what it is. Frankly I think the seminaries were infiltrated a long time ago, and like any institute of “higher learning” the arrogance of intelligentsia and the ego of those in positions of “expertise” can lend itself to promoting those “ways that seem right unto a man, the end thereof which, is death. (Proverbs 14:12, also 16:25).  After all, isn’t “innovation” the word of the day in academia?

We are living in unprecedented times.  Like the slow choking of oxygen and life in a polluted river, as fewer and fewer choose to retain God in their knowledge, the greater the prevalence and acceptance of those things which are reprobate.  Thus homosexuality is not a “worse sin” but rather a sign of the “sin quotient”, if you will, which is being tolerated, and even pursued.

I have heard it said that the “cry” in Genesis 19:13 is that of the children of Sodom.  However when God prepares to destroy the city it merely says that it is because the cry of them hath waxen great. Who are these “them”?

When I studied that verse out using Strong’s the word cry, is rendered “shriek”.  The phrase “waxen great” is rendered “greatly magnified or enlarged”.  Is it the cry of those who were subjected to these perverse appetites (victims and potential victims) who are crying out, or is it the pride of the sinful, the audacity of reprobate minds, and the declaration of their “right to sin in any way they wanted” that waxed great and warranted decisive action by the hand of God in the form of fire and brimstone and utter destruction?

Think about it.  The tower of Babel was a “deal-breaker” moment for God;  the declaration of their “independence” from God, and intent to raise themselves up by their own means, to heaven.

There is a line which God does not allow man to cross.  EVERY time man has gotten near to that line, God has acted.

He will do so again.

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