Speaking of Sodom

ten year old raped in schoolGirl, 10, raped by brother-sister team

I would like to say, in defense of all the good teachers that there are, this mother is misguided if she thinks any teacher is able to supervise all kids at all times, and I imagine that her use of the specific term “teachers” probably extends to all staff and administrators.  Still, having worked in the school system, and in one with actually a better teacher/student ratio than most in the nation, the blame cannot go only on the teachers.  What about the parenting, or obvious lack thereof, which is going on in the households of kids who would perpetrate such a cruel act.

Still when the depravity has reached the children, a society is in it’s death throes.  This is one explanation as to why God often told Israel to slaughter even the cattle and the children.  Not punishment, but think of the proliferation of disease among a population that practices sex upon children, and eventually, beasts.  A society eventually destroys itself anyway.  God’s intervention from time to time, like Sodom and Gomorrah, and the worldwide flood, has been necessary just from an epidemiological standpoint.  But the most prevailing epidemic by far, is the epidemic of sin.  We are not condemned for what we do, we are condemned for what we are.  All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  Seek Him while he may be found.  God’s window of Grace is about to close once again.