DynCorp, company allegedly granted Billion dollar contract by Obama to secure peremiter of D.C. in anticipation of social unrest and martial law, also found to engage in child sex trafficing

This post from TheResistanceUnited, appears in a story about a Fairfax woman and State Department Employee, who has had her child taken from her by CPS without any evidence of abuse or neglect.  The article accuses the department of CPS is complicit in the trafficking of these kids, taking as many children as possible from their homes and parents, in order to finance the regime change taking place in so many of the Middle East nations.  In a country where babies are aborted by the millions, is there much surprise over the fact that government officials are actively trading in child sex slavery in order to finance their global agenda?  How sick and how depraved!  They are storing up wrath against themselves unto the day of judgment.

Despite the fact that Wells Fargo Wachovia was caught child sex trafficking and paid a $400 million dollar fine, nobody went to jail. Dyncorp was also caught doing the same and they paid a large fine, but nobody was held personally accountable. There are anonymous sources within the government who are leaking information that child sex trafficking profits are being used, in part, to fund regime change activities such as the ones in Libya and Syria in an Air America, Iran-Contra style. Many investigators are beginning to believe that Ambassador Stevens was murdered two months before the 2012 election to conceals these facts.

Is there any question that DynCorp and these other government contractors as well as just about every governmental agency from National Level on down, are completely “tied up” and under control of this shadow administration?  Again I can only scratch my head at those who think America will just elect a new president and then everything will turn around.  This cancer is too well established, the “host” is eaten up.