Fire and Ice precede the “Great Human Sacrifice” coming to America

(Video included  43:24)

I have been quiet this week.  Last week we saw our son off to Basic Training.  He went out from our local army base, and six days later, this past Monday, a soldier committed suicide in a public way, on that base, sparking an “active shooter” situation.  Two nights ago, at 11pm, as my husband went to bed, and I was still up, sitting where I am now, reading news, we heard the rev of an engine, and then three successive gunshots in a drive-by not ten feet from our bedroom windows.  I don’t live in an urban environment.  Just a small-town city.

Those things in themselves are sobering for us personally, of course, but in tandem with the recent beheading of an American journalist, and our Commander-in-Chief’s grudging interruption of his vacation and golf game for the inconvenient duty of making a statement about it, and also coinciding with some unvarnished warnings by high-ranking military and former-military officers about just how critical and real the threat is now of ISIS right here in America, I have found it very difficult to compose a post that even comes close to adequately addressing this moment we find ourselves in.  So I haven’t tried until today.

Its not unusual to hear that the “terror chatter” increases surrounding 9/11 even as the memorial ceremonies have dwindled, but this year there seems to be a renewed surge of concern for the potential of another attack on that date.  Personally, I believe that it is extremely likely something catastrophic will happen in America that day, if only by virtue of the borders having been flung wide open, and the increasing number of Americans who have joined the cause of Radical Islam.  There are a number of terrorists who have American citizenship, and I am NOT talking about those Homeland Security has labeled a threat for their views on the second amendment, on Bible eschatology, etc.  Some of them have traveled to the Middle East to fight with the radicals and have died doing so this very week!

I believe ISIS (the caliphate) is here because they are the “evil nation”  God will allow to subdue this once-Christian nation who has turned her back on Him.  This is not about the rapture.  I did read something this week that tied 9/11 to the Sabbath year and then tried to claim the rapture would occur on 9/11.  I don’t partake of or participate in the date-setting, and since we do not know the day and hour ( but do know the season, and we recognize we are in it) I think the prudent thing we all must do is realize we, America, are in a really dangerous position right now.  Our government is withholding missiles from Israel that we promised them, and that they are depending on.  The Syria fighting is spilling across Israel’s border, and Hamas is not stopping, and worse, there is a new influx of support via both Iran and ISIS, each for their own purposes, to re-arm those who are actively attacking Israel and making a mockery of the term “cease-fire”.  Islam will be defeated, but they are going to wreak much more mayhem first.  A few days ago there was a demonstration in California against Israel, and a major earthquake took place in that area. Coincidence?  I think this nation has presumed upon God’s Grace and mercy a few too many times.

This morning a “disputed Kurdish Oil Tanker” went dark near the Texas coast.  Hmmm.  Wonder what kind of damage could be done with a tanker full of oil?

Imam Anjem Choudary told Hannity recently “Sharia is coming to a place near you”.  These radicals are promising bombs in major malls, and American Military Colleges and installations. They aren’t “sneaking” in, they are doing this openly and brazenly under the auspices of our Muslim president.

I don’t know just what to make of Rabbi Kahn’s claims about 9/11 and the “Harbingers” but I don’t think that he or others who are sounding the alarm and proclaiming (truthfully) that America is in a very dangerous spot due to her rebellion, can or should be ignored or dismissed.  This video below is by a female who refers to herself as an Evangelist.  I don’t care what your position is on “woman preachers” we were all called to be disciples and that simply means we are “learners” of Christ, students of His Word, whose task it is to create more disciples.  This lady speaks Nothing But Truth in this video, and yet there will be people who are going to refuse to even watch the video because she is a woman.  So be it.  Ignore at your own peril!  Something is going to “break” soon.  Yes, we’ve been saying that a long time, but by virtue of the fact that we have, it can only be true, that it won’t be as long now as it has been.  It is inevitable, and knowing the occult love of symbolism in numbers and dates, the Muslim tendency to mark dates, etc, 9/11 is at least “as good a time as any” for them to pull it off.  Especially since it is clear that Obama has no intention of hindering them.  Ferguson has fizzled, to the disappointment of late-comers, but their presence there is an indication that the issue there was not just local but national, and there is no shortage of those who will flock to the next event to keep the “dialogue” going.  People are rightly concerned with the militarization of local police, police brutality, and the suspension of our rights, regardless of whether the white officer in Fergusson was in the right or in the wrong. It’s like the Occupy movement.  People are angry, and for a myriad of reasons.  All that many of them really want is to express that anger and frustration. In a system where the politicians have all the advantages, and many people have no voice, some resort to basic, animalistic behavior.  It is not justified, no, of course it isn’t, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is happening.  It is a boiling cauldron.  If Isis comes looking for a fight and to stir up trouble, they are going to have it, but it will not end well.  There are an endless number of tinderboxes set.  Now all that we are waiting for is the “ignition”.  It could come at any moment, and the whole place will go up in flames and chaos.  Every day that passes without it erupting, is another miracle of God’s unfathomable mercy, in my opinion.