Satan’s Temper Tantrum 2: By Donna

I completely agree with Donna’s assessment of where we are and also with the significance of events in Oklahoma, which by the way is on the 33rd parallel.  I think that this satanic black mass, which for most in the U.S. who knew about it, viewed as merely a stunt, at worst, and an indication of bad judgment on the part of the town leaders who allowed, at best, was something much more significant.  Satan operates with rituals.  These rituals open unseen gates or doors from the occult realm, and as Donna points out, there were people who understood this enough to be there praying against what was taking place, offering up spiritual resistance.  More and more I consider there may be a time to leave off the blogging and information business, to devote more time to prayer and fasting.  But thus far the Lord always reaffirms the call to do my small part here on this blog.  And someone always contacts me among the readers to confirm that.  The point is, we who are paying attention, “know what time it is”, and we need to be particularly sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.  I appreciate those who pray for me, and my prayer for all of us, is that the Lord will prepare us and guide us every step of the remaining days.  A Providential plan is in place, and will go forward, that much we know.  Satan is priming his own children at the same time.  Walk circumspect, eyes open, wise as serpents, harmless as doves, remain in fellowship and in the Word, give the gospel to everyone the Lord brings into your sphere.  –S.T. Lloyd

Satan’s Temper Tantrum 2

By Donna Wasson

There’s a direct correlation between the spiritual world and the physical world in which we live. What happens in one realm affects the other, sometimes in dramatic ways. Several authors, including myself, have pointed out that destructive weather manifestations usually occur shortly after America pressures Israel to give up some of their territory in the name of peace. God is not amused by such things and has clearly said so in His Word.

The parallel effects don’t just occur in the heavenly realm. Satan gains power and influence when we open ourselves up to evil. Here’s a hair-raising example. A satanic black mass was recently held in the Oklahoma City Civic Center, on 9/21/14. This was highly publicized in the media, prompting a large backlash. There were over 200,000 signatures on a petition asking the city to cancel the event.

However, the city council reasoned that, although they didn’t agree with the program, they had no choice but to allow it since the civic center was a public building, and the satanic group paid to rent the facility. There were however, limits placed on what activities the devil-worshippers could engage in. The city forbade any act or ceremony which included their customary use of urine, blood or sexual acts. The Satanists agreed, so the city allowed the mass to proceed.

The media reported that only about 50 people attended the mass, while hundreds stood outside the building, praying and holding signs in protest. Inside, the satanic leader, Adam Daniels, a registered sex-offender who looks like a 30-something loser who still lives in his mother’s basement, denounced Jesus as “worthless,” while stomping and spitting on a communion wafer. I don’t know what else occurred and I really don’t give a rip.

However, this event obviously opened the State of Oklahoma up to an influx of demonic forces. Only 4 days later, on 9/25/14, Alton Nolen, a man who had recently been fired from his job at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma, strolled into the front office, grabbed the first innocent victim he came across and proceeded to stab and decapitate her.

He was in the process of stabbing his second victim when the company’s president, a reserve sheriff’s deputy, Mike Vaughan, ran to his car, retrieved his gun and shot Nolan several times. Thank God for good guys with guns, because Nolan would have undoubtedly continued his rampage 

Donna Wasson