Sometimes hearing the Love of God from the mouthes of children can reach into hearts in a way nothing else can

I thank the Lord there are still those who know how to offer true praise, rather than the “rock concerts” that pass for modern “praise and worship”.  God does not accept just “any” offering. In Leviticus 10 Nadab and Abihu died for their unacceptable offerings.  Abel’s sacrifice was acceptable and Cain’s wasn’t.  We can’t just offer whatever “seems right” in our own sight to God.  We are to offer in faith what He requires.  When we think we honor him with our lips through song, presence at church attendance,  but ignore the homeless man in our town, we do not atone for our lack of “steadfast love” which should be in evidence by our obedience.   If we love Him, we will obey Him, and we will care about the lost.  If we practice every religious ritual, but don’t love Him, we merely “honor him” with our lips but our hearts remain far from Him.