Mother describes traumatic home invasion

Home invasions get bolder all the time. Thanks be to God these women kept their heads and fought back. Very scary!

Give Me Liberty

This is from Mississippi News Now.

This young woman is to be commended.

VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) –The horror shattered the silence of a quiet neighborhood at 5:20 a.m. on Monday morning when a gunman broke into a Vicksburg home.

Police say they are looking for the missing links in the violent attack.

Candy Strange tells us that the gunman broke into her home while they were sleeping. She says that she and her 17-year-old daughter were attacked and held at gunpoint and then tied up and robbed.

At that point, she says the suspect stole their wallets and left, but the ordeal was far from over.

“We both got untied and [my daughter] went after the gun,” Strange says. “I went after the door but you couldn’t get it shut. Well, then he fired the shot and I took off.”

Strange tells us that the gunman then chased…

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