Roaring Seas, Floods and raging people

Strange weather has made the news often in the past few years.  Like Earthquakes and Volcano eruptions, these things have happened throughout history, but the Earth and it’s atmosphere seem to be undergoing chaos and disorder that parallels or echoes the chaos and rage of the people.

In Revelation chapter 17, the scriptures speak of a harlot who sits upon many waters (verse 1).  We are not left to speculate what the “many waters” represents.  It is defined clearly in verse 15: And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

Mountains symbolize dominion, and seas and waters often symbolize peoples and nations.  It is becoming more a reality than ever, that a relative elite few, are exercising exclusive (life-altering) control over the “many” and the “many” are not happy.  Power is being centralized to such a degree, that a single world leader is not nearly as inconceivable as it once was.

The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves.  The Lord on high is mightier than many waters, yes, than the mighty waves of the sea. Ps. 93:3-4

Though the waters thereof be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Ps. 46:3.

These verses indicate the power of God, being greater than the most powerful forces on Earth.  That applies also to human powers, whether this is symbolically implied in these psalms or not, the fact remains.

Right now, “floods” of people have lifted up their voices, “roaring” as it were, in protest. Though the sixties was a big protest-era in the West,  I can’t remember a time in history when there was so much protesting going on, globally!  Teachers in China, Pensioners in Greece, Irish water charge protests, pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, there was Occupy, and Arab Spring, protests over the crisis in Kiev, Portugal, Milan, Brazil, Bulgaria, all protesting austerity, rising prices, in Spain, protests of spending cuts, unemployment, and bank bail-outs, and of course, here in America, protests about just about everything!

Jesus warned in Luke 21:5 that the distress of nations and the sea and waves roaring, were a sign of his return.

As Congress has passed a budget that funds amnesty and doesn’t de-fund Obamacare, and new laws that grant unlimited access to American’s personal communications, on top of all the other egregious things that our Congress and this administration have gotten up to,  more civil unrest and chaos is inevitable.

The news has taken a decidedly grisly turn in recent weeks as ISIS continues it’s slaughter, and as more and more bizarre cases of ruthless, demonic and/or drug/and/or rage-induced murders are chronicled, while both mainstream and alternate media replay the footage. The burning of Jessica Chambers topping the list this week, while a family sex ring trial  underscores the perversity and level of  depravity at work.  We are getting desensitized to bloodshed and have lost nurturing and protective instincts for the smallest and most vulnerable sector of our society, those of which , if given the chance to grow up, will non-doubt be devoid of any capacity for empathy themselves, due to exploitation and abuse. My own son informed me that there were 2 successful and five unsuccessful suicides/attempted suicides on the base where he is stationed, just this week. Banker suicide reports continue to trickle in, subsequent to the rash of banker deaths late last year and early in this one.

Political parties in Israel have joined forces against Benjamin Netanyahu, in effort to force him out of office, and meanwhile, it was announced yesterday that Kerry and Netanyahu will conduct a hastily arranged meeting in Rome this Sunday.  That’s interesting timing and location!   There was not a lot of mention in the news about Israeli bombs dropped on to Damascus locations, earlier in the week.  All in all, the world has Israel backed into a corner, and we may see her come out swinging.

And I’m noticing more and more of those who write and post on these global phenomena, are growing quieter, myself included or throwing in the towel altogether, particularly the very patriotic and Christian ones.  But now is not the time to “go quietly into that good night”,  As Christians we have a mandate to occupy as salt and light in this world.  As quoted by Terry James in his most recent “Nearing Midnight” commentary, Dr. Robert Jeffress recently said this:

there is no hope–humanly speaking–for America, or for the world. All is dying, decaying. That is, there is nothing any politician or political process can do to save this nation or any other. All are passing into the dust bin of history. Salt, he said, cannot “permanently preserve” food–for example, meat. All it can do is to “delay” the decay of the meat. The meat is destined to desiccate.

Even salt which has not “lost it’s savor” can only stave off decay for so long. As the raging of the peoples and nations rises to a deafening crescendo, let us continue to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ even when it seems no one is listening, because He is worthy of all honor. Some of the silence is a somber, appropriate silence, rooted in the knowledge of what this world is headed for. Some of it is, no doubt, “battle fatigue”. Sometimes, yes, one does wonder how much longer the world can keep from breaking up, or society, from completely breaking down.  But the answer to that is simply, God knows, and sudden destruction will fall instantaneously when the restrainer is removed.  Sorrow will fall upon this world like spontaneous labor. That the sudden destruction will coincide with the physical deliverance of the Bride of Christ, I am more convinced of now than ever before, not despite the “rapture-doubters and ridiculers”, but rather more because of them!