Very interesting timing on what just “rose up out of the sea” recently in Egypt

In ancient Egypt, the Pharoah was both the religious and the political leader.   He was both “Lord” and “Priest”, ruler of upper and lower Egypt, and the “representative of the gods” on Earth.

We are on the cusp of seeing another world ruler arise who is going to reign both politically and religiously for a time.  Could this be a sort of an invocation?  Very interesting indeed!

And check out this screen capture from a Mattel super hero/action figure site:

Is there any Moses action figure? I doubt it. The bad guy is glorified  these  days.
Pharoah sold out

glorified these days.
By the way, it was not Ramses, but Amenhotep II who was the renowned “Pharaoh who knew not Joseph” and whom Moses dealt with in the great contest between Jehovah God and the Egyptian deities.