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Things to Come

December 22, 2014 Pete Garcia

Given that the United States, or any semblance thereof, is not mentioned in Bible prophecy, one has to take into account the how, why, and so what of that particular implication. If the US is not here, who then fills that vacuum? Who sets the precedence for a global order? What is the reserve currency the whole world leans upon for stability in the global markets? Logic and history tells us, that if the US isn’t filling that role, someone will. How and when does the world get from the current status quo, to one in which it isn’t? So it is with the outline of Bible prophecy, I am 100% certain. It’s when we get into the subsections of the outline that my certainty drops to between 60-75%. IOW, I’m certain on the order of things, not so certain on the specifics of how those things come to pass. Here is the order:

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The link was originally taken from the Omega Letter website but I was unable to find this Garcia article in the archives there, so here it is linked from another Christian blog that published the whole article. –(STL 2021 update)

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