“Falling Into Place”~ Jan Markell/OliveTreeViews.org

January 13, 2015

By Jan Markell


How does one review the last year and project into the new year when events are happening in a rapid-fire manner, too fast to even properly document? I could review one stunning story and another one would be breaking as I write.News and information is breaking at a speed never seen before. Add to that, we have an electronic communication system that allows us to hear about news and information stories in seconds, not days.

As I’ve previously written, today’s news and information is causing some to become disengaged, discouraged, downhearted, and disconnected. But many more tell me they are now watching with an eye on the sky like never before. They are experiencing not dread, but great expectation, straining to hear a trumpet sound. Surely our troubled times are heralding such an event.

The dysfunction of Washington causes many to long for Christ’s perfect earthly rule out of Jerusalem. Only then can we really forget about the fact that America and other parts of the world once resembled Humpty Dumpty after the fall with few leaders to put him back together again!

I encourage you to keep your eyes on the following stories in 2015. Most were prominent in 2014 and we will watch them blossom in 2015 and be game-changers.

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