Mark of the Beast chip implementation gaining ground

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This video was sent to me by a reader.  I posted or re-blogged on this recently, but it doesn’t hurt to keep getting the word out.  These chips are being used now, in many of the cutting-edge companies, and as the company representative in the video states plainly, they fully expect this to be mandatory in the near future, and are going ahead with the technology in order to give themselves an advantage and head-start over everyone else.   It is easy to see how starting with all employers, the chip becomes mandatory, because that will serve to compel people to have the chip in order to be employed and compete in the job market.  Once it becomes commonplace in business and probably in military, all commerce will be tied to it.  Scripture forewarns of a coming one-world economy and the inability to buy or sell without a certain mark.  This is clearly the precursor. 

Though I am not sure whether the hand arrangement of the employee is meant to signify the Illuminati, nor whether the window in one portion of the video is meant to represent the eye of Horus, I do concur that that symbolism is rampant and I think those who do not belong to the Lord, are, as the scriptures say, “of their father the devil” and thus all of their inspiration originates with Satan, and it’s conceivable that the architect of that building was indeed inspired to use a window design that represents that pagan “all-seeing eye”, and even the hand arrangement, while possibly totally an unconscious act on the part of the speaker in the video, might indeed have been inspired by the spirit of the antichrist at work in all who take the mark and who have rejected the truth and exchanged it for embracing eternally deadly lies. –S.T. Lloyd


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