Headline reads: “5 Prominent NYC Figures Die in Train Crash – 3 Were Top Investment Bankers”

Normally, I avoid reposting articles and links to articles which deal in speculation.  Doing so only adds to the atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion, however, there is so much that is strange about this accident in N.Y. in which Ellen Brody actually was on the tracks when the barricade arm lowered and bumped the back of her SUV, and instead of getting off the tracks, she actually got out and checked for damage on her car first.  When she got back in, the train hit her, killing her and creating a fireball in the collision that killed five others.  I have seen plenty of people try and outrun a train, but who stops on the track while the barricade comes down, gets out and walks around, and how could she possibly not have heard the train?  Even a deaf person could feel the vibrations of a train bearing down at 51MPH.  Something is so bizarre about this incident, and it’s given us more dead bankers. (See link at bottom of this post for the Freedom Outpost article mentioned in post title).

But think of it in terms of the spiritual realm.  You have heard of all the actors and musicians who “sold their soul to the devil” in exchange for their shot at fame and superstardom and riches, and then occult “blood sacrifices” that come with that, either their own death (Heath Ledger) or death of a loved one (Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother).  Even famous hard-rocker Alice Cooper will tell you, the devil is real and he wants your soul.  (Whether Mr. Vincent Fernier a.k.a. Alice Cooper, is a mature Christian or one who still has a lot of understanding yet to glean, he outright says those very words in the linked video interview).

The powers of darkness love death, and despite the amazing things that technology and human know-how make possible, I can’t imagine how someone (human) could “mind-control” and coordinate the insanely bad decision of a woman not only stopping on the tracks, but getting out of her car and walking around it, and doing so at exactly the right moment to cause this accident, and killing these specific individuals (and no one else).  But Satan, though not omniscient like God is, he does have a lot of “staff” so to speak, who are out there monitoring things, and supernatural powers and abilities that could account for coordination of something like this.

Because we have seen portrayed (or personally witnessed), heard, or read about unspeakably evil acts, most people are willing to consider the possibility of someone being demon possessed, but seldom do you hear people entertain the notion that, lets say, seven demons (at least) could bring about a series of events by possessing (even temporarily) seven individuals and in perfect tandem, to insure the five “targeted” passengers are on the train that day, sitting in the exact seats they were in, that a conductor will be distracted, and a soccer mom in her S.U. V. did at exactly the right time, what this soccer mom did.  But when you consider the legion of demons whom  Jesus cast out of the Gadarene (Luke 8), they asked Jesus’ permission to go into the herd of swine, and did so in unison, killing them all.  Death and destruction is what the powers of darkness do.  The scriptures say that those who reject God, (unbelievers) are “of your father the devil”.  Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44 

As unbelievers, we were subject to the principalities and powers, to the world, the flesh, and Satan himself.

So rather than look for human instigators and provocateurs in these bizarre “coincidences” and even in events like Sandy Hook, we have to admit there really is no way humans could orchestrate these sorts of things in perfect timing and coordination with such control over the outcome, (too much potential for human error), on their own.  However, when one factors in the supernatural involvement, it’s an absolute “game-changer”.  This is what we are dealing with now more than probably any other time in human history, (with the exception of Noah’s day) because the days we are living in are a culmination, building to a confrontation of epic proportions.

What is happening now, is just a foretaste of what is coming.  Jesus Christ is the way.  Jesus Christ is the truth, and He is the life.  He said “no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”.  He referred to Himself as the door, and the Bible calls Him the Light of the world.    Evil came for those bankers that day.  Evil comes for little girls and little boys, for old men, and old women, for teens, and for soccer moms.  Evil wants you.  But what you may not know, is that if you don’t have salvation in Jesus, then evil already has you.  We are born with evil in our hearts, but also in our hearts, we know the difference between good and evil, and we all are sinners.  We tend to quantify and classify evil in gradients, but the Bible says the law is one law, and like a chain, if one link is broken, the whole chain is broken, the same with the law, so whether you call it a “little sin” and see it differently from murder in cold blood, God looks at sin much the way a surgeon looks upon sterility.  A surgeon knows that one breach of sterile technique will compromise the integrity of the whole surgery, and can lead to death by septicemia.  Sound extreme?  Maybe so to you, but if you are the patient, you will be grateful for such exacting measure of what is “sterile”, and who knows better than a surgeon?  You see, God has wisdom and understanding we don’t have.

Is it “weakness” on the part of the patient, to abide by the instructions of the surgeon?  No, it is wise.  The surgeon wants to prevent further suffering.  God is no less conscientious of our welfare.  He doesn’t give us laws for the purpose of spoiling our fun.   He, the Creator of all things, knows the laws of his creation, as well as the nature of his created beings.  This is what I am trying to say to you, reader, today.  Look around you.

Does this world look like it is getting better?  Do you really expect mankind to eventually achieve “Utopia”?  Turn to the wise God, the one true God, the father of Abraham, this is no time for asserting your “right to explore all the spiritualities” before settling on any one belief system.  All the alternatives are lies.  God is God.  There is no other.  Satan is the jealous enemy of your soul, because he knows God loves you, and wants to restore to you all the good that God spoke of when He first created man and this world, and declared it “good”.  This is achieved for you by Christ, who died sinless, and offered the ultimate blood sacrifice, His own, as atonement for sin.  You can enter into that Covenant today.  Like a marriage proposal, a couple only becomes a couple when both parties betroth themselves one to another.  We as a society reject the concept of child brides for this reason.  A child is unable to consent.  This is why even as Jesus offered his own blood as atonement for all sin, the atonement is only applied to those who “enter into it”.  Call upon Jesus today.  A tide of evil is overtaking this world.  Like a contagion in a pandemic, which you have not been inoculated against, this evil will overtake you, unless you are sealed in Christ in faith, by Grace, by the act of consciously choosing to reject sin and evil, repent and turn to Jesus for salvation.  Your time to do so is running out.  You are free to scoff, laugh, ridicule, and write off this warning.  But I sincerely hope that you will not.  Because the Bible warns that a time of tribulation is coming, which we can recognize by several developments, and there is little doubt among those who study the Bible, that it is coming fast, coming at this world right now.  The very alignments and divisions in the Middle East, the undermining and systematic destabilization of America, the concentration of world wealth, and rise in global poverty at the other end of the spectrum, the economic instability, the nations rising against other nations, and the whole world turning their back on Israel, the prominence of homosexuality and pedophilia, the mass animal deaths and disturbance of the normal cycles of weather patterns, and the strange celestial phenomena.

Don’t just scratch your head at something like these banker deaths, don’t dismiss what you know in your heart is true.  If you are reading this right now, it is because God is trying to get through to you.  Don’t blow that off.  The God of the universe sees YOU.  He created YOU.  How many times have you grieved at the evil you see, and wondered how any good God could just let these things happen?  He is getting ready to balance the scales of Justice, but the bad news about that, is you have guilt of your own, which He will not conveniently ignore.  There is one hope for you and your guilt.  That is the blood of Jesus! May the Holy Spirit witness the truth to your heart, and may He have grace and mercy to open your eyes to receive it and believe it in faith.


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  1. The bizarre “accident” almost smacks of an MK-Ultra, or Manchurian Candidate operation in it’s weird “coincidence”. But what extremes would some go to in order to silence, threaten or warn certain people?


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