On Quantum Cosmology and String Theory

(A pretty crunchy topic for a Friday morning, no doubt, but I thought it worth sharing–S.T. Lloyd)

QUANTUM COSMOLOGY (Friday Church News Notes, February 27, 2015, www.wayoflife.org, fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) – One of the “theories” proposed as an evolutionary explanation for the universe is the concept of a multiverse, which derives from “quantum cosmology.” It is a metaphysical abuse of quantum physics, but it has become a convenient hiding place for some 21st century evolutionists, including Richard Dawkins, when they need to explain how the amazing universe could come from nothing. Quantum physics has given us such mind-numbing and incomprehensible concepts as “quantum fuzziness,” “maybe-space-maybe-time fuzziness,” “eternal inflation,” and “the bubble bath universe.” Quantum physicists are the modern Gnostics, delving into mysteries they cannot understand and pretending knowledge they don’t possess. Asking foolish questions and making foolish assumptions, they arrive at foolish answers. Dr. David Berlinski, who is not a biblical creationist but who is brave enough to say publicly that Emperor Darwinianism has no clothes, gives a humorous critique of quantum cosmology in his book The Devil’s Delusion. “The details may be found in [Stephen] Hawking’s best-selling A Brief History of Time, a book that was widely considered fascinating by those who did not read it, and incomprehensible by those who did. Their work will seem remarkably familiar to readers who grasp the principle behind pyramid schemes or magical acts in which women disappear into a box only to emerge as tigers shortly thereafter. The wave function of the universe cannot be seen, measured, assessed, or tested. It is purely a theoretical artifact. Physicists have found it remarkably easy to pass from speculation about the wave function of the universe to the conviction that there is a wave function of the universe. … the doctrines of quantum cosmology are what they seem: biased, partial, inconclusive, and largely in the service of passionate but unexamined conviction. … Quantum cosmology is a branch of mathematical metaphysics. It provides no cause for the emergence of the universe, and so does not answer the first cosmological question, and it offers no reason for the existence of the universe. … [The string theory] was an idea that possessed every advantage except clarity, elegance, and a demonstrated connection to reality (David Berlinski, The Devil’s Delusion, pp. 98-107, 119).

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